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Blog: The tick­et (Jahreskarte) that holds more

Young man in front of a tram at Jakominiplatz
© Sebastian Zier

Innovative and mobile: free GrazGutscheine for annual ticket holders

Yes, you have read correctly: Holding Graz has a really cool offer from 1 July 2021.

All Graz residents who buy an Annual Pass Graz from 1 July 2021 will not only get their Annual Pass at a reduced rate thanks to a subsidy from the City of Graz, but will also receive a one-off €20 GrazGutscheine free of charge – regardless of whether they renew their Annual Pass Graz or buy a new one. This means that new customers can also take advantage of this benefit. And don’t worry if you have just bought a ticket, the offer is valid until 30 June 2022.

What is there to know about the Annual ticket (Jahreskarte) Graz?

Every Graz resident can use the Annual Card Graz and you can get it easily in the online shop or directly in the Mobility and Distribution Centre in Jakoministraße.

I’ve found the link and the contact details of the Mobility and Distribution Centre for you:

Link to the online shop
Contact Mobility and Sales Centre

What do I need to buy an annual pass?

You need the following form and an official photo ID.

You can find the form for ordering an Annual Pass Graz here.

Young man going into the mobility centre of the Graz public transport lines in Jakoministrasse
© Sebastian Zier
Display of the mobility centre of Graz Linien in Jakoministrasse
© Sebastian Zier
Young man in front of the display of the mobility centre of Graz Linien in Jakoministrasse
© Sebastian Zier
Close-up of a tram track in Jakoministrasse
© Sebastian Zier

Are there any other advantages for annual ticket holders?

There are even more advantages for annual ticket holders. Especially if you want to use the mobility offer “tim”. Not only will you not have to pay the monthly tim membership fee (€7) for the period of validity of your annual travel pass, but you will also not have to pay the one-off registration fee of €15. Annual pass holders who use “tim” save a total of 119 € per year. Not so little. In addition, you can redeem your Graz vouchers directly at the “tim” service centre and thus get the opportunity to book an (e-)car sharing vehicle for 1×8 hours or 2×4 hours (instead of 56€ or 40€).

Sorry – you don’t know what “tim” is or even means? Then take a look at one of my last blog posts. There you will find the most important information about it.

On the homepage of the Holding Graz you can find a number of other advantages that you can use as an annual ticket holder under “My Bonus”. Just browse through them. I was really amazed at all the special offers in the area of sport and culture.

Support of the City of Graz for public mobility

The annual ticket Graz is an official fare card of the zone 101. Normally it costs 490€. For Graz residents with their main residence, it is available for €315, as the City of Graz wants to support those who change public transport and thus pays the difference of €175.

Tram of line 5 from the front at Jakominiplatz
© Sebastian Zier
Young man at Jakominiplatz, the Rondeau in the background
© Sebastian Zier
Side view of a tram of line 5 at Jakominiplatz
© Sebastian Zier
Bus of the lines Graz in front of the Rondeau at Jakominiplatz
© Sebastian Zier
Young man in front of a tram at Jakominiplatz
© Sebastian Zier

Tips for redeeming GrazGutscheine

And when you take the BIM or the bus into town, you can redeem your GrazGutscheine at one of the over 700 businesses. Provided you haven’t used them at “tim” yet 😉

My tips for GrazGutscheine redemption points:

  • Farmers’ markets: Whether at Geidorfplatz, in St. Peter or in Andritz. There is so much regional and seasonal food everywhere!!!
  • Market stalls on Hauptplatz: Did you know that you can also redeem the vouchers at the market stalls on Hauptplatz?
  • But you can also find a few opportunities to redeem your Graz vouchers while shopping or exercising. There really is something for everyone here!

I hope you enjoyed the report and are already looking forward to the next one!

Your Sebastian