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Cli­mateT­ick­et Styr­ia: Ad­vance book­ing starts

Front and back of a KlimaTicket Styria
@ Holding Graz

As of 1 March, the KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz will become even cheaper, and existing “Jahreskarten Graz” will be upgraded to KlimaTickets Steiermark Classic Graz. New customers can take advantage of the advance sale at the Graz Linien mobility and sales centre (Jakoministraße 1) as early as 15 February.

All information on the topic “KlimaTicket Steiermark replaces Annual Pass Graz” can be found here – including all questions and answers!

Below you will find the application form for Graz residents required to purchase a KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz (or the variants Youth Graz/Senior Graz/Special Graz) and the order form for non-Graz residents for the KlimaTicket Steiermark or its variants.

ATTENTION: Graz residents with an “Annual Card Graz” valid beyond 1 March do not have to apply for a “KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz” (or its variants) until the card expires – until the card expires, it is automatically valid as a KlimaTicket Steiermark.

This is how you get your KlimaTicket:

Persons with main residence in Graz:

Simply fill out and print out the application form below (also available at the Mobility and Sales Centre) and take your photo ID with you.

Persons with main residence outside Graz:

You will find an order form below (also available at the Mobility and Distribution Centre). Fill it out and take it along with your photo. You can also send the form (including photo) by post or e-mail (information in the form) – it will then be sent to you within 7 working days.