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Por­trait of city cen­tre busi­ness­es

Video portraits: We introduce you to selected city centre businesses. You will see: City shopping is worthwhile!

Aerial view of the city centre of Graz
© Holding Graz/Kernasenko

Offensive for the Graz economy

Since autumn 2020, Holding Graz has been inviting local businesses to appear in front of the camera: in order to make the offers and advantages of their own business known to a wide audience, the City Management offers inner-city businesses the opportunity to present their company in free short videos. The videos are made available to the businesses and published on the online channels of Holding Graz. Around 40 businesses from a wide range of sectors – including pharmacies, hotels, boutiques, dance schools, jewellers and bakeries – have taken up the offer, which was communicated via e-mail and media appeal.

 “The diversity of local businesses makes every visit to Graz city centre a special experience. This includes the traditional family businesses and innovative, young companies as well as the unique gastronomic offer and the varied shopping possibilities. With the video campaign of Holding Graz, we bring the businesses in front of the curtain and thus bring the people of Graz and visitors closer to their offers and the attractive flair of the city centre,” former Mayor Siegfried Nagl was pleased about the measure.

City cen­tre busi­ness­es in­tro­duce them­selves

Graz’s city centre is so diverse! We bring selected city centre businesses before the curtain! Here you can find videos in which we present them.

s'Fachl (Her­ren­gasse 13)

Introduction s'Fachl

Chic Ethic (Tum­melplatz 9)

Introduction Chic Ethic

Kwirl (Mari­ahil­fer Straße 11)

Introduction Kwirl

Leder Schus­ter (Schmiedgasse 19)

Introduction Leder Schuster

Lit­tle Fash­ion (Sporgasse 29)

Introduction Little Fashion (Sporgasse 29)

Friebe (Sporgasse 21)

Introduction Friebe (Sporgasse 21)

Frauen­heil (Al­brecht­gasse 9)

Introduction Frauenheil (Albrechtgasse 9)

Spielzeugschachtel (Schmiedgasse 16)

Introduction Spielzeugschachtel

Tanzschule Eich­ler (Gries­gasse 1)

Introduction Tanzschule Eichler (Griesgasse 1)

The Box (Hof­gasse 7)

Introduction The Box (Hofgasse 7)

Dr. Bot­tle (Re­itschul­gasse 27)

Introduction Dr. Bottle (Reitschulgasse 27)

eyes + more (Haupt­platz 14)

Introduction eyes + more (Hauptplatz 14)

Blu­men Leit­ner (Mari­ahil­fer­straße 18)

Introduction Blumen Leitner (Mariahilferstraße 18)

Ger­st­ner Kin­der­mod­en (Franziskan­er­platz 15)

Introduction Gerstner Kindermoden (Franziskanerplatz 15)

Hu­man­ic (Her­ren­gasse 1)

Introduction Humanic (Herrengasse 1)

111 Gröbl Gruppe (An­ton-Kleinoscheg-Straße 66A)

Introduction 111 Gröbl Gruppe (Anton-Kleinoscheg-Straße 66A)

Aiola Liv­ing (Land­haus­gasse 5)

Introduction Aiola Living (Landhausgasse 5)

City Clas­sic (Schmiedgasse 29)

Introduction City Classic (Schmiedgasse 29)

Salon Marie (Grieskai 4-8)

Introduction Salon Marie (Grieskai 4-8)

Café "Herr Karl" (Bürg­er­gasse 7)

Introduction Café "Herr Karl" (Bürgergasse 7)

Juwe­li­er - Uhren Weikhard

Introduction Juwelier - Uhren Weikhard (Hauptplatz 13)

Mur De­sign (Enge Gasse 3)

Introduction Mur Design (Enge Gasse 3)

Lena Hoschek (Joan­neum­ring 3)

Introduction Lena Hoschek (Joanneumring 3)

Opern Apotheke (Opern­ring 24)

Introduction Opern Apotheke (Opernring 24)

Schullin (Her­ren­gasse 3)

Introduction Schullin (Herrengasse 3)