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Help for war vic­tims from Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine
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Help for Ukraine: Holding provides premises in Steyrergasse for collecting donations, free ride for Ukrainian refugees

The war in Ukraine has triggered a wave of readiness to help and solidarity in the Styrian capital. In order to collect donations in kind for the Ukrainians, Holding Graz will support them with its logistics in Steyrergasse from this weekend on: Starting Saturday, Graz residents can drop off donations at Graz Linien in Steyrergasse 114 (access via Brockmanngasse, opposite house No. 84) from Wednesday to Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m., which will then be transported to the Ukrainian border.

Needed are medicines, food and hygiene items. Please do not drop off any more clothing!

Holding Graz CEO Wolfgang Malik: “In difficult times like these, we see it as our social responsibility to help quickly and unbureaucratically. That is why we will be supporting the logistics and handling of donations for Ukraine from the weekend onwards. People can drop off donations in kind at our Holding location in Steyrergasse starting Saturday.”

Holding Graz board member Mark Perz: “People who have fled Ukraine can use the entire Graz Linien network in zone 101 free of charge until further notice upon presentation of their Ukrainian passport*. In addition, we are currently looking into the possibility of transporting donations and relief supplies directly to the Ukrainian border with our long-distance bus fleet.”

(* = ATTENTION: This promotion is only valid until September 30, 2022)

Information for passengers from Ukraine

– As of October 1, 2022, the general free transportation of persons expelled from Ukraine in the Styrian transport network will cease.
– As of October 1, 2022, displaced persons from Ukraine will also require a valid ticket when using public transport in Verkehrsverbund Steiermark.
– ÖBB issues an emergency ticket Ukraine for arriving displaced persons from Ukraine in the trains from the direction of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. These emergency tickets are valid for 24 hours from ticket issue. They are recognized as a ticket when changing from ÖBB to other means of transport (bus, streetcar, other railroad companies).