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Lines 1, 7 & 20: Re­place­ment ser­vice (1 & 2 May)

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Due to the installation of pigeon nets along the tram line Hauptbahnhof and because of additional construction works in Eggenberger Straße in front of the Remise we will have to

from Saturday, 1 May 2021 (bank holidays), from 4.30 a.m. until Sunday, 2 May 2021, until midnight

for lines 1, 7 and 20 between Jakominiplatz and Laudongasse and for line 1 from Asperngasse and Eggenberg/UKH and for line 7 from Asperngasse to Wetzelsdorf.


Substitute transport on lines 1, 7 and 20:


Line E: Jakominiplatz – main station – Asperngasse – main station – Jakominiplatz.


Direction Asperngasse:

Buses will run from the Jakominiplatz stop (stop of lines 1, 7 and 20) via Joanneumring – Neutorgasse – Tegetthoff-Brücke -Belgiergasse – Annenstraße – Hauptbahnhof (tram stop) – Eggenberger Straße – Waagner-Biro-Straße – Asperngasse to the final stop Laudongasse.


Direction Jakominiplatz:

From the Laudongasse terminus, buses travel via Asperngasse – Eggenberger Straße – Hauptbahnhof (tram stop) – Annenstraße – Vorbeckgasse – Belgiergasse – Tegetthoff-Brücke – Neutorgasse – Radetzkystraße to the Jakominiplatz terminus.


Alternative stops:

The stop Hauptplatz-Congress (direction Hauptbahnhof/Laudongasse) will be located at the replacement stop Andreas-Hofer-Platz at Andreas-Hofer-Platz (in front of Steiermärkische Bank).

The stop Hauptplatz-Congress (direction Jakominiplatz) will be arranged at the stop “Andreas-Hofer-Platz” of line 67E in direction Jakominiplatz.

The bus stops Südtirolerplatz/Kunsthaus (in both directions) will be arranged at the bus stop Bad zur Sonne of bus line 67E.


Substitute transport LINIE 1:


Line E1: Eggenberg/UKH – Asperngasse – Eggenberg/UKH


Line E1 direction Eggenberg/UKH:

From the SEV stop Asperngasse the buses travel via Asperngasse – Laudongasse – Georgigasse – Göstinger Straße to the final stop Eggenberg/UKH.


Line E1 direction Asperngasse:

From the final stop Eggenberg/UKH, the buses travel via Göstinger Straße – Georgigasse – Alte Poststraße – Daungasse – Asperngasse to the replacement bus stop Asperngasse.


All stops of line 1 will be served by the replacement transport!


Replacement transport LINIE 7

Line E7: Wetzelsdorf – Asperngasse – Wetzelsdorf

Line E7 direction Wetzelsdorf:

The buses run from the replacement bus stop “Asperngasse” via Asperngasse – Laudongasse – Georgigasse – Vinzenzgasse – Eggenberger Allee – Karl-Morre-Straße – Eckertstraße – Eckertstraße – Burenstraße to the turnaround loop Wetzelsdorf.


Alternative stops and additionally served stop:

The stop “Alte Poststraße” will be relocated to the stop “Georgigasse” of line 1 in Laudongasse.

The stop “Vinzenzgasse” of line 1 will also be served.

The stop “Fachhochschule Joanneum” will be located in Vinzenzgasse opposite house no. 26a (Billa).


Line E7 in the direction of Asperngasse:

Buses will run from the final stop “Wetzelsdorf” via Burenstraße – Eckertstraße – Karl-Morre-Straße – Eggenberger Allee – Vinzenzgasse – Krausgasse – Daungasse – Asperngasse to the temporary final stop “Asperngasse”.


Alternative stops:

The stop “Fachhochschule Joanneum” will be installed in Vinzenzgasse in front of house no. 26a (Billa).

The stop “Alte Poststraße” will be installed in Krausgasse in front of the intersection with Alte Poststraße.

An alternative exit stop will be installed in Daungasse near the tram stop “Laudongasse”.

The final stop “Asperngasse” will be set up at the substitute tram stop “Asperngasse” in Asperngasse.


The overview of the operation of the tram lines on 1 and 2 May 2021:

Line 1: Mariatrost – Jakominiplatz

Line 5: Puntigam – Andritz

Line 7: LKH Med Uni – Jakominiplatz

Line 13: Liebenau – Krenngasse

Line 26: Jakominiplatz – St. Peter

Line 20: This line is discontinued.


Replacement service with buses on 1 and 2 May 2021:

Line E: Laudongasse – Jakominiplatz

Line E1: Asperngasse – Eggenberg/UKH

Line E7: Asperngasse – Wetzelsdorf

All information, incl. plan, at a glance:

In the PDF below you will find all information about the replacement traffic for download!