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Sturz­gasse re­cy­cling cen­tre

Our two recycling centres are available to you for the parts of waste that cannot be disposed of via the separate collection.

At the site in Sturzgasse, Recycling Centre 1 and Recycling Centre 2 are available to you. In Recycling Centre 2, you can dispose of old electrical devices, hazardous substances and packaging professionally and free of charge and in Recycling Centre 1 you can dispose of bulky waste, construction waste or green waste in return for payment of the waste disposal fee.

Aerial view of the recycling centre in Sturzgasse, Graz
© Holding Graz/Kernasenko

Cus­tomer ser­vice

  • parking spaces are available on site
  • only for residents of Graz
  • free of charge / subject to a fee

You can hand this in free of charge

In Recycling Centre 2, you can hand in old electrical devices, packaging materials and hazardous substances conveniently and quickly free of charge. All households/persons who are connected to the waste disposal system of the city of Graz are entitled to use the recycling centre.

  • according to the Old Electrical Devices Regulation

    • television sets, screens
    • white goods (edge length > 50 cm): large household appliances such as extractor hoods, electrical stoves, washing machines
    • electrical/electronic scrap (edge length < 50 cm)
    • small electrical and electronic devices such as irons, computers, printers, deep fat fryers, radios, vacuum cleaners, food processors, mobile phones, keyboards, heating devices, electric motors, weighing scales; cooling and air-conditioning devices
    • cables (electric cables)
    • packaging made of coloured or tinted glass
    • white or colourless glass
    • packaging waste made of plastic and composite materials/Packaging Regulation
    • packaging made of cardboard / all types of boxes, cans
  • All types of paper (newspapers, magazines, writing paper)

    • batteries, energy-saving bulbs, luminous tubes
    • toxins and chemicals such as disinfectants, wood preservatives, pest control agents, lyes
    • old medication, ampoules
    • old cooking fats/oils; petroleum waste, old paints, old varnishes, adhesives, spray cans; exterior plaster paints / interior paints in a container,  dispersions, artist’s paints
    • acids, fire extinguishers, fixing agents, gas bottles and many more.

    Good to know:
    All hazardous substances are only accepted from private households and only in very small quantities!

    No acceptance of ammunition. Please contact the nearest police station immediately.

The fol­low­ing will incur a fee

  • Bulky waste or the part of domestic waste that cannot be collected in the residual waste bin due to its size and its weight (see below).

  • or metal waste (tools, bicycles)

  • Pressboards, boards, furniture parts

  • Porcelain ware (washbasins, toilet bowls without fittings), tiles, glass, glass wool, mortar and plasters, building panels made of wood wool, Heraklit, concrete, roof tiles, bricks made of plaster, fireclay, tiles, natural stone, etc.

  • such as leaves, grass, hedge cuttings, branches, tree trunks, potting compost

Recycling tip

When you load your vehicle, already separate your waste according to the respective recycling centre

The recycling centre is for Graz residents there

To prevent misuse of the recycling centre by households outside of the city of Graz, the city of Graz and Holding Graz check every delivery of waste. In doing so, the city and Holding Graz base their actions on the Styrian Waste Management Act which states that waste must be delivered to the municipality responsible!

For this reason, all vehicles without an official Graz license plate that want to use the recycling center in Sturzgasse are checked by trained control bodies. In the process, license plate number, data of the driver and information about the Graz property – by showing the corresponding registration slip or purchase contract/lease agreement/notification of the municipal tax settlement of this property – from which the waste originates will be collected. Only if this data is provided in full can the recycling center be used on preferential terms. If these data are not disclosed, there is no access (except as a full payer).

This measure is not only fair towards Graz taxpayers, it is also explained by the fact that no other federal province has such a dense network of recycling centres. A call to the respective municipal authority is sufficient to find out the respective opening times of the responsible recycling centre (ASZ) or building yard.

That is why we appeal to all residents of municipalities outside of Graz: Please inform yourself at your municipal authority about the possibility of handing in waste there.

Our tar­iffs

Con­tact and how to find us

Sturzgasse recycling centre

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7 am – 5 pm
Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays: 8 am – 6 pm
Sturzgasse 16, 8020 Graz