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Coro­n­avirus dis­count an­nu­al tick­ets

Until the end of May, existing holders of annual tickets can receive a 10-per-cent discount when they purchase their next annual ticket for public transport.

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Discount for holders of annual tickets

Coronavirus is also affecting the customers of Graz Linien. For the approximately 44,000 holders of annual tickets in Zone 101 there is therefore, based on a decision by the Graz Agenda Coalition in consultation with Holding Graz, a 10% discount on the purchase of the next annual ticket. Our loyal, regular public transport customers are thus given the opportunity to have the restrictions during the coronavirus crisis period compensated in part.

This promotion can be redeemed by our travel card holders under the following boundary conditions: 

  • The one-off discount of 10% applies both for the non-transferable Graz annual ticket and for the transferable annual ticket for Zone 101.
  • Those who have had a half-yearly ticket since 16.9.2019, have already extended it or extended it by 20.04.2020, will pay 10% less for their next half-yearly ticket. (PLEASE NOTE: This promotion ended on 30 November 2020).
  • New customers who did not have an annual ticket or half-yearly ticket but acquired one between 16.3.2020 and 19.4.2020 will receive a one-off discount of 10% when they next renew the annual or half-yearly ticket. (PLEASE NOTE: promotion only applies for half-yearly tickets until 30 November 2020, but for annual tickets until the end of May 2021).
  • The prerequisite for the discount is a primary place of residence in Graz.


If the annual ticket was renewed before 20 April 2020, the 10% discount is available when the ticket is next renewed.


  • Our existing customers receive the discount when they renew their ticket.

    • transferable half-yearly or annual tickets in the entire Styrian transport network
    • non-transferable half-yearly or annual tickets in the entire Styrian transport network
    • Graz annual ticket
    • Top Ticket for students
  • Yes.

  • No, it only applied for the winter term (September 2020 until February 2021).

  • No, this group of persons is excluded from the promotion.

  • No, this group of persons is excluded from the promotion.

  • Yes.

  • 10 per cent of the current price. The price will be rounded according to standard commercial practice.

  • Half-yearly and annual tickets of Tarif Zone 1010 are listed as examples. The current tariffs can be found in the tariff zone plan (link below).

    • Graz annual ticket: €268
    • Half-yearly ticket: €242
    • Annual ticket: €426
    • The discount will be taken into direct account when you buy in person on site.
    • If you pay in instalments, the first instalment will not be collected.
    • In the case of subscription half-yearly and annual tickets, the reduced price will be debited from your account.
    • If you buy in the online shop, the reduced price will already be shown.
  • No.

  • Yes, but only for the Graz annual ticket.

  • Yes.

  • Until 30 November 2020.

  • Until 31 May 2021.

  • No. Each customer can only claim the discount once.

  • No. This promotion expired on 31 May 2020 for new customers.