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Build­ing work and road main­te­nance

We are building for you, we are improving your infrastructure! Here you will find all the info about current building work. You will also find all the information about the tram expansion to Reininghaus and to the Smart City, including weekly updated construction previews.

© Holding Graz/Radaelli

Tram build­ing work

Water management building work

With the expansion and the replacement of the drinking water and the waste water pipes, we are ensuring that the services in our city continue to work well.

Current building work:

  • Steyrergasse 1-163: refurbishment of the sewer system (mid-March until end of June)
  • Maggstraße 13 – 25: replacement of the water pipe (22 March until the end of May/beginning of June)
  • Straßganger Straße 299-311: new construction reservoir sewer (April until August)
  • Kärntner Straße 81-141: replacement of the water pipe (6 April until approx. end of August)
  • Forstweg 2-65: replacement of the water pipe (6 April until approx. beginning of August)
  • Am Katzelbach 190-200: new construction of the water pipe (6 April until approx. beginning of June)
  • Kanalsanierung Elisabethstraße (29 March until 2 July): Info here!
The details on the building work can be found in the PDFs below!
© Holding Graz/Droneberger

Tram ex­pan­sion

  • Since 2019, the construction work on the premises of the former Reininghaus brewery in the west of Graz has been increasing substantially and it is becoming clear how this area will develop and change.

    Around 10,000 people will live and work in the new district of Reininghaus in a few years’ time. Parallel to the first districts that are already being constructed here, the basis for a modern infrastructure is also being laid. By the time the new residential, office and commercial units are ready for occupancy, Alte Poststraße and the tram connection will already be finished. However, construction equipment will be part of the everyday cityscape in this and subsequent years.

    With the construction of the tram, Reininghausgründe will be given a high-quality link to the Graz public transport network – a fundamental factor in a successful district development.

    You will find the current building work folder in the PDF below!

    © Holding Graz/Watzinger
  • Into the city district of the future by public transport

    The implementation of My Smart City Graz will revitalise the former industrial zone to the north of the central station. On an area of around 8 hectares, residential, office and commercial spaces are being developed under a smart overall concept that incorporates sustainable technologies and mobility solutions.

    A fundamental component of the development is the connection to the Graz tram network. The start of construction for the tram connection was the end of April 2020. Starting from the existing tracks of Lines 1, 4 and 6 in Asperngasse, the Graz tram network will be extended by around 1.7 km. From as early as the end of 2021, the new tram will run via Daungasse and Waagner-Biro-Straße in a northerly direction until Peter-Tunner-Gasse and connect the new city district in an environmentally friendly way.

    There will be new stops in Daungasse, Waagner-Biro-Straße at the junctions to Starhemberggasse, Dreierschützengasse and north of Helmut-List-Halle. The final stop will be at Peter-Tunner-Gasse. In order to keep the disturbances for citizens and commercial firms as low as possible during the construction period, a transport and construction concept has been drawn up that reduces the impairments wherever possible.

    You will find the current building work folder in the PDF below!

    © Stefan Leitner

This year too, Holding Graz is working on a perfect infrastructure for our city. In the current folder you will find all the info on our building work in the spring and summer of 2021!

We offer it here as a download.

Ex­ca­va­tion pol­i­cy

The 2012 excavation policy of the city of Graz was adopted by the municipal council of the city of Graz on 20.09.2012 and has been valid ever since.

In addition to the 2012 excavation policy, the list of annexes with all standard cross-sections and new asphalt descriptions is also available to you as a download.