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An­nu­al tick­et

With an annual ticket, you can be out and about in your selected tariff zone for a year without restrictions.
from 504,00 €
Annual ticket Standard

The half-yearly and annual tickets are the lowest-cost tickets in public transport. You can be out and about in your selected tariff zone for an entire year without restrictions. The start of the validity can be freely selected – for instance, from 18 May up to and including 17 May of the following year.

With half-yearly/yearly tickets of Zone 101, a bicycle can be taken free of charge on the suburban railway or in local transport trains in Zone 101.

Notes: Half-yearly/annual tickets do not have to be stamped; the fixed period of validity is printed on the stamp. The price is always based on the first day of the validity period!

Where does the ticket apply?

Zone 101 (Graz municipal region) or the tariff zone, which you selected.

How long is the ticket valid for? 

12 months from the first day of the validity period selected by you.

What variants of the ticket are there?

You can select whether you buy a transferable ticket (without photo) or a non-transferable ticket (with photo). Non-transferable tickets will be replaced in the event of loss/theft (issue fee €10.00).

Where can the ticket be bought?

How can the half-yearly/annual ticket be paid for?

Total amount: in cash, with ATM/credit card or by direct debit.

in instalments: only possible by direct debit (five direct debits with the half-yearly ticket, ten with the annual ticket)

Extension/Term: in the case of payment by direct debit, a new stamp for your annual ticket will be automatically sent until the timely termination is pronounced; in the case of payment by cash / credit card, however, the annual ticket ends on the date printed on it!

Change, terminate, return or replace annual ticket

How can the half-yearly/annual ticket be terminated?

Half-yearly tickets and annual tickets can be returned during the term. The months already used will be deducted with the price of the corresponding monthly tickets. You will then receive the residual amount back.
Current months will be calculated as full months from the 8th day.

Personally: You can cancel your ticket very easily in the Mobility and Sales Centre.

By registered letter: You have the possibility of cancelling your ticket by letter: Please end your half-yearly or annual ticket and the completed form* by registered letter to the following address:

Holding Graz – Kommunale Dienstleistungen GmbH, Mobility and Sales Centre, Jakoministraße 1, 8010 Graz

Important: The bank fees for the return transfer will be additionally deducted from the payment amount.

* If you do not have the possibility of printing the form, please send a simple letter with the required data.