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Graz an­nu­al tick­et

The Graz annual ticket is the ultimate price hit; thanks to a subsidy from the city of Graz, it is available to all persons who have their main domicile in Graz.
315,00 €
Annual ticket for residents of Graz

As a fundamental rule, any Graz resident (with their primary place of residence in the city) can purchase the “Graz annual ticket”. With the “Graz annual ticket”, the city of Graz and Holding Graz want to make it attractive primarily for Graz residents who do not yet hold any public transport ticket to switch to public transport.

Where does the ticket apply?

Zone 101 (Graz municipal region)

How long is the ticket valid for? 

12 months from the first date of validity selected by you when you purchase the ticket.

Special conditions for the “Graz annual ticket”:

  • The “Graz annual ticket” is an official network tariff ticket for Zone 101 and is subsidised by the city of Graz to the tune of EUR 189. This amount will be deducted from the network price for Zone 101 when you buy the “Graz annual ticket”.
  • The “Graz annual ticket” can only be purchased by inhabitants of Graz who have their primary place of residence in the city. Information about the primary place of residence will be checked by the city of Graz and false information will be prosecuted under the law and any subsidy granted will be claimed back!
  • The “Graz annual ticket” is non-transferable.
  • The “Graz annual ticket” is non-returnable.
  • It is not possible to pay for the “Graz annual ticket” in instalments or by direct debit. Existing annual or half-yearly tickets do not have to be returned.
  • If the customer wishes to buy the ticket again, the “Graz annual ticket” always has to be applied for anew because the primary place of residence has to be checked again in each case.
  • Holders of the “Graz annual ticket” save the membership fee for our mobility service “tim”.

How much does the ticket cost?

EUR 315. The difference between the network price of EUR 504 in Zone 101 (Graz metropolitan region) will be paid by the city of Graz as a subsidy.

What variations of the ticket are there?

It is also available as a Mobility Social Card.

Where can you buy the ticket?

The “Graz annual ticket” is available online, from the Mobility and Service Centre or also from the service points of the city of Graz (former district offices). When you visit them, please complete and bring the following form (which is also available on site otherwise) plus official ID with you.


Do you have any more questions?

Your hotline for the “Graz annual ticket”: 0316/887-4224
(Monday to Sunday 6 am to 8 pm)