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Businesses can equip their employees with a travel card for public transport – an important incentive for the increased usage of our environmentally friendly mobility.
Job Ticket

The Jobticket – a benefit for companies and employees:

The respective ticket for your employee becomes a Jobticket through the partial or complete assumption of costs by the company for its employee. As a Jobticket, you can provide your employees with the following tickets:

What is considered a job ticket?

The following tickets are referred to as job tickets in the Styrian tariff system:

  • KlimaTicket Austria
  • KlimaTicket Styria
  • KlimaTicket Styria promoted by the city of Graz
  • annual tickets
  • Graz annual tickets
  • Half-yearly tickets
  • Park+Ride annual tickets
  • Park+Ride half-yearly tickets
  • Weekly/monthly tickets for all zones in the Styrian Transport Association

A ticket with many advantages:

Benefits for your company:

  • Solution to existing parking problems for employees
  • Deductibility of job ticket costs as a business expense
  • Volume discounts
  • Transferable ticket for departments as job ticket possible (exception: annual ticket Graz)
  • Sustainable contribution to climate protection goals
  • Image gain for the company through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Benefits for employees:

  • Comfortable and stress-free commute to work without having to search for parking spaces and traffic jams
  • The employer’s share of the costs for your job ticket is not a taxable benefit in kind
  • Ticket can also be used during free time
  • Automatic membership in the Holding benefits club and special offers with tim – täglich.intelligent.mobil.

This is how you or your employee(s) can buy a job ticket:

Exception climate ticket Austria:

Only online purchase by your employees via or personal purchase at various sales points (e.g. Mobilitäts- und Vertriebscenter Holding Graz, ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG ticket counter etc.) possible.

No collective order possible, as the ticket costs are charged directly to the purchaser by the Federal Ministry of Finance.


Job tickets can generally be canceled at the Mobility and Sales Center before their validity expires. Exceptions are print tickets from the online store and tickets purchased in the app “GrazMobil”.

For technical reasons, it is not possible for us to distinguish between private tickets and job tickets, so we recommend that employers make an internal agreement with their employees on the return of job tickets.

Cancellation of Annual Ticket Graz:

The Annual ticket Graz can generally not be cancelled.

Cancellation of KlimaTicket Styria and KlimaTicket Austria::

These tickets can be cancelled in writing from the 7th month of validity onwards without giving reasons by means of a cancellation form. In this case, one monthly rate is to be paid as a cancellation fee. In case of relocation, illness of more than three months (proof by medical certificate), unemployment or death of the ticket holder, the ClimateTicket Styria as well as the ClimateTicket Austria can be cancelled at any time and without cancellation fee.


Do you have any further questions about the Jobticket?

We would be happy to provide you with information about the Jobticket by phone at +43 316 887-4261 and create an individual offer for your company. Of course, you can also contact us by e-mail for questions and information:

[email protected]