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Job Tick­et

Businesses can equip their employees with a travel card for public transport – an important incentive for the increased usage of our environmentally friendly mobility.
Job Ticket

Info on the Job Ticket

What is deemed to be a Job Ticket?

A Job Ticket is deemed to be, based on the Styrian tariff system, all

  • annual tickets
  • Graz annual tickets
  • Half-yearly tickets
  • Park+Ride annual tickets
  • Park+Ride half-yearly tickets

within the Styrian transport network. This means: The Job Ticket can incorporate the entire network area from Zone 1 to Zone 22 depending on the customer’s requirements.

Alternatively, companies also have the possibility to assume some of the costs of the Job Ticket. The remaining amount is then to be paid by the employees themselves. The deductibility as a company expense for the company as well as the tax exemption of the benefit in kind for the employees then applies for the portion paid by the company.

Benefits for employees:

Your employees

  • travel by public transport to their place of work safely and at low cost
  • save the irksome searching for parking spaces and the cost of such spaces
  • can also use the Job Ticket for business trips and for private trips
  • the Job Ticket does not have to be taxed as a benefit in kind

Benefits for companies:

  • Depending on the individual tax situation, you can deduct Job Tickets as a company expense from your tax
  • Benefit from special discounts, depending on the number of Job Tickets
  • Live Corporate Social Responsibility as a company with lasting effect
  • Make a contribution to reducing particulate matter and to the quality of air in Graz
  • You have an attractive alternative for employee parking spaces

Additional benefits:

In addition, we can also offer you additional benefits on request:

  • consultation days for employees on the topic of public transport in Graz by our mobility advisers

Since we have been offering the Job Ticket, we have been able to convince numerous companies in and around Graz to buy Job Tickets for their employees and thus to invest in their motivation and in improved air quality.

How to get Job Tickets:


Our sales employees look forward to a personal consultation with you and will be pleased to create a tailored offer for you. You can reach us on tel. +43 316 887-4261 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Employees of a company:

Speak to your boss and refer him or her to the aforementioned contact details:


Important additional info:

Can Job Tickets be cancelled within the framework of the general tariff terms and conditions?

Like all travel cards (except the “Graz annual ticket”), Job Tickets can also be cancelled in the Mobility and Sales Centre before the expiry of the term of validity. In this case, there will be a proportionate reimbursement. For technical reasons, individual information by Graz Linien to the employer on this is not possible. For this eventuality, we therefore recommend that you make provision for the employee to be obligated to provide the information.


FAQ Job Ticket:

As an employee, can I buy an Annual Pass myself and then charge it to my employer as a Job Ticket?

Yes, you can buy the Job Ticket yourself or your employer. This means that the invoice can be issued to you personally or to your employer and the ticket must be paid for in full or in part by your employer.

What are the advantages for me as an entrepreneur?

The share of the job ticket costs paid by the employer is deductible as a business expense, depending on the individual tax situation of your company. It is irrelevant whether you bear the costs for the job ticket in full or only in part.

We grant discounts for purchases of 50 or more personal annual tickets. You can find more information on this under points 10 to 12.

What advantages do I have as an employee if my employer pays for my Job Ticket?

The job ticket is a noticeable financial relief for your mobility. If the legal requirements are met, you do not have to pay tax on the job ticket as a benefit in kind.

Under what conditions can I enjoy these tax benefits as an entrepreneur and employee?

  • The following mandatory invoice components apply to the invoice: It can be issued to you personally or to the invoice address of the company, must contain the name of the employee to whom the Job Ticket was issued, the type of Job Ticket and the price of the ticket.
  • The costs for the job ticket must be paid by the employer in addition to the salary.
  • It is irrelevant whether the costs for the job ticket are borne in full or only in part by the employer.

Where can I travel with the Jobticket, are there any restrictions compared to a regularly purchased annual/semi-annual ticket?

The Jobticket is a regular ticket without restrictions that can be valid throughout the entire Styrian transport network, depending on the zone specified.

As an entrepreneur, which ticket variants can I buy as Jobtickets for my employees?

You can buy the following personal or transferable tickets as job tickets:

  • Annual or half-year ticket
  • Park & Ride annual or half-year ticket
  • Annual ticket Graz
  • Monthly tickets, weekly tickets

When purchasing these tickets, you can choose any zone and number of zones within the Styrian Transport Association as required.


Please note that the annual ticket Graz cannot be cancelled.

In the case of a P+R ticket, the tax advantage can only be claimed for that part of the amount that relates to public transport.

How can I buy a job ticket for my employees?

The purchase procedure for job tickets depends on the number of tickets required. You can find more information under points 10 to 12.

What do I do if an employee who I have bought a Job Ticket for leaves my company?

Since all Jobtickets, with the exception of the Graz Annual Pass, can be cancelled, we recommend that when a Jobticket is made available, an agreement is made with the employee as to how the tickets are to be returned and the remaining amount from the cancellation of the ticket is to be returned.

How do I order Job Tickets for individual employees up to a maximum of 9?

For this number of employees, your employees can come in person to our Mobility and Sales Centre at Jakoministraße 1, 8010 Graz and buy their ticket themselves.

You must bring the following documents with you to purchase your Job Ticket:

  • an official photo ID
  • a passport photo
  • possibly the billing address of your employer.

On site, your employees select their desired Job Ticket and provide their own or their employer’s billing address. Our staff will issue the ticket immediately. When paying for the ticket (the ticket costs are advanced), your employees receive an invoice containing the name of the employee, the ticket type and the cost of the ticket.

Upon presentation of the invoice to the company, you as the entrepreneur return to the employee a part or the entire amount of the ticket costs.

How do I order Job Tickets for 10 or more employees?

You contact our sales staff at [email protected] or by telephone on T: +43 316 887 4261 and send your company’s billing address by e-mail. We will create a separate order form (Excel) for you and send it to you.

Please then send the completed form to: [email protected] and [email protected].

One or two days after submitting your Excel order, your employees can pick up their Jobtickets in person at the Mobility and Distribution Centre upon presentation of an official photo ID. You will receive a collective invoice for the redeemed tickets in the following month.

How does the order process work if I want to order more than 50 personal Annual Passes or more and receive the discount?

You contact our sales staff at [email protected] or by telephone on T: +43 316 887 4261 and discuss the Jobticket processing procedure. This procedure as well as the discount arrangement will then be recorded in writing in a joint Jobticket agreement.

Will I also receive Graz vouchers worth EUR 20 with my annual travel pass Graz as a Jobticket from 1 July 2021?

Yes, of course you will also receive Graz vouchers with your Jobticket. The campaign runs from 1 July 2021 until 30 June 2022. You can find more information here.