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Line cards

Graz Linien offers vouchers with which tickets can be bought.
Line cards

Mobility can be given as a gift!

The right gift for every occasion! The Graz Linien-Cards in a practical credit card format and in a limited, original design. Bring more movement into the lives of your families and friends and give them environmentally friendly mobility in the form of Graz Linien-Cards!

The three steps to a mobility voucher:

  • Choose the Graz Linien-Card that suits the occasion at the mobility and sales centre and have it topped up with any value.
  • Wrap up the Graz Linien-Card, give it as a gift and bring more movement into the lives of your loved ones.
  • Hand over the gift, have it unwrapped and simply redeem it at the Mobility and Distribution Centre. No matter what kind of tickets.