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Study tick­et

The perfect ticket for students living in Graz! This ticket is valid for four months in Zone 101 (Graz municipal region).
136,50 €
Study ticket

The perfect ticket for students living in Graz! The student ticket is a discounted public transport ticket for students, costs €129.20 and applies for 4 months per term. Like all other network tickets, the ticket applies for all public transport in the tariff zone purchased.

Where does the ticket apply?

Zone 101 (Graz municipal region)

How long is the ticket valid for?

Four months from stamping


Who is entitled to the student ticket?

All persons who belong to a group of persons pursuant to Section 3 of the Study Support Act (“Studienförderungsgesetz”) and are not yet 26 on the first day of validity. The following groups of persons are eligible:

  • Ordinary students at a university
  • Ordinary students of courses at a university of applied sciences
  • Ordinary students at a teacher training college
  • Ordinary students at a music academy under public law
  • Ordinary students at a theological teaching institution after completion of a school-leaving examination
  • Students at medical technology academies and midwives’ colleges
  • Ordinary students at educational establishments that are accredited according to the provisions of the University Accreditation Act (UniAkkG) as private universities

What does the student ticket cost?

€136.50. If you are eligible to redeem the mobility cheque of the city of Graz, the ticket costs you 30 euros less.

What is the mobility cheque of the city of Graz and how can I redeem it against the student card?

The mobility cheque of the city of Graz is a discount for students with their main place of residence in Graz. With the mobility cheque, the price of the student card is reduced by 30 euros.

You must file the application using the e-government forms. The mobility cheque code will be sent to you by e-mail. With the printed-out e-mail, photo ID and your proof of your status as a student, you can redeem the mobility check when purchasing your student ticket.

Further info can be found here:

Where can the ticket be bought?

The student ticket can be bought in the online shop and in our Mobility and Sales Center.

If you buy the student ticket in the online shop

… you can either print it out as a print ticket or carry it with you in digital form in the “Public transport ticket Graz Styria” app. Please note that you must carry official ID with both the print ticket and the digital ticket in the app and must present it during a ticket check.

If you buy the ticket in the Mobility and Sales Centre of Graz Linien at Jakoministraße 1
… then please take the following with you:

  • Official photo ID
  • Passport photo or existing student card
  • Completed application incl. confirmation from the educational establishment or confirmation of enrolment

 What else is important?

  • The student ticket is non-returnable.
  • The state date can be pre-dated by up to 27 days.