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“Spa zur Sonne” mas­sages

In the “Spa zur Sonne”, a whole host of massage types are offered - simply healthy, beneficial and really relaxing!
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All the mas­sage types at a glance:

  • Com­bi­na­tion mas­sage

    This massage is tailored very specifically to your requirements. Select your personal wellness programme from a diverse selection of massage techniques.

    Treatment time: 50 minutes
    Price: €62.00

  • Back magic par­tial mas­sage

    The back as the centrepiece of the body is massaged here with specific massaging movements, blockades are released; you feel well all round.

    Treatment time: 25 minutes
    Price: €38.00

  • Back/Foot re­flex zone mas­sage

    First the back is massaged and blockades released. The muscles become supple and your body energy can flow again. Then reflexes in the body are triggered via the nerve end points on the soles of the feet in order to bring the entire body back into harmony.

    Treatment time: 60 minutes
    Price: €65.00

  • Lymph drainage

    A very gentle massage technique with great effect! The shifting of the hands and gentle pressure help to remove waste products and toxins. The body is deacidified and the tissue is toned. The gentle rhythmic massage movements balance the vegetative nervous system.

    Treatment time 50 minutes: €70.00
    Treatment time 25 minutes: €38.00

  • Aroma oil pam­per mas­sage

    Aromatherapy in combination with massage is one of the nicest experiences. Enjoy aroma oils specifically tailored to you and which you are massaged with. With the aid of pleasantly hot compresses, your muscles are also relaxed and the oils allow to develop their full effect.

    Treatment time: 70 minutes
    Price: €89.00

  • Hot stone mas­sage / back

    The absolute wellness combination of energy and classic treatment! Pleasantly hot lava stones, warm sesame oil and specific massage movements guarantee deep-down relaxation. All layers of the muscles are beneficially relaxed. Hot stone massage

    Treatment time: 75 minutes, price €89.00
    Hot stone back: 50 minutes, price € 65.00

  • ASIA deluxe herbal stamp

    The body is first rubbed and massaged with exotic, pre-warmed oils. Then a herbal stamp (a linen bag filled with crushed limes and Asian spices) produced with particular care is heated up and drawn over the skin.

    Treatment time: 75 minutes
    Price: €89.00

  • Foot re­flex zone mas­sage

    Weakened zones of the body are stimulated and overstimulated zones soothed. Blockades are eliminated; pain caused by tension is soothed. The entire body is placed in a harmonious state.

    Treatment time: 40 minutes
    Price: €45.00