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Spa zur Sonne mas­sages

In the “Spa zur Sonne”, a whole host of massage types are offered – simply healthy, beneficial and really relaxing!

Young woman being massaged in the Spa zur Sonne
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Our massages:

We offer several types of massage.

Personalised massage:

Tailored to the individual, we use the appropriate form of massage to treat the desired body region, e.g. back, neck, legs:

Back, neck, legs. Your own needs are the central starting point for the massage. You can work on specific therapeutic complaints and pain or enjoy a wellness massage.


  • Individual massage 25 min: € 43
  • Individual massage 50 min: € 78
  • Individual massage 75 min: € 108

Massage for expectant mothers:

This massage offers special soothing massage strokes and selected supportive applications that lead to deep relaxation and contribute to a holistic sense of well-being in the body. This treatment is carried out in the lateral position.


  • Massage for expectant mothers 25 min: € 43
  • Massage for expectant mothers 50 min: € 78

Lymphatic drainage:

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, decongestive form of treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system. It is used, for example, to treat haematomas, oedema (fluid retention) and fresh scars.


  • Lymphatic drainage 25 min: € 43
  • Lymphatic drainage 50 min: € 78

Scar treatment:

The treatment integrates scar tissue into the fascial network, thereby alleviating symptoms caused by scars (feeling of tension, reduced

(feeling of tension, reduced mobility, sensitivity disorders, etc.) can be alleviated.


  • Scar treatment 25 min € 43
  • Scar treatment 50 min € 78

Lomi Lomi Nui:

The queen of oil massages – traditional Hawaiian bodywork that has an enveloping effect through flowing strokes, passive movements and lots of warm oil. The Lomi gives you the opportunity to come back to yourself and in this holistic feeling, it also offers space and time to experience something new.


  • Lomi Lomi Nui 80 min: € 123
  • Lomi Lomi Nui 4 hands 80 min: € 208

Hot Stone:

A hot thing with a soothing effect. During the massage, warm basalt stones are placed on the body and massaged with them. The heat penetrates deep muscle layers through the hot stones, effectively relaxing them in a targeted manner and can also have a stress-reducing effect.


  • Hot stone 50 min: € 93
  • Hot Stone 80 min: € 123

Planetary bodywork:

Stands for holistic bodywork that has developed in a transcultural context. This massage can be a partial or full body treatment in which the client is offered attentive verbal and non-verbal reflection. The person is the essential factor and takes centre stage through individual support. Great importance is attached to a protected and safe environment. Only in this setting can soothing touch and healing experiences unfold in the best possible way.


  • Planetary Bodywork 80 min: € 123

Nuad Thai:

The focus of this work is on activating Zen meridians and stimulating the circulation of energy. The person is passively moved and stretched, which is why it is often referred to as “yoga for lazy people”. The treatment takes place clothed on the floor, so bring loose and comfortable clothing.


  • Nuad Thai 80 min: € 123

Book an appointment:

We look forward to your appointment booking on +43660 815 1533. Reservations/bookings are also possible at

Masseur: Björn Morscher – information at

Dates: Wed. to Sat., 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.