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Gen­er­al terms and con­di­tions of busi­ness

Here you will find our general terms and conditions of business, including the terms and conditions of carriage of Graz Linien.

1. Bezirk, Innere Stadt, Oesterreich, Steiermark, Europa, Architektur, Betrieb, Buerogebaeude, Gebaeude, Bauwerk, Grazer Stadtwerke AG, Haus, Holzhaus, City, Innenstadt, downtown, Outdoor, Siedlung, Unternehmen, Betrieb, Urbaner Lebensraum, Wirtschaft, .2005, 216118, G2425
© Holding Graz/Jungwirth
Pas­sen­ger Ad­vi­so­ry Board Graz Lin­ien - ap­pli­cants
  • All citizens (over the age of 16) from Graz and the surrounding area are eligible to participate. Employees of Holding Graz or of companies owned or co-owned by Holding Graz are not permitted to participate.
  • The applicants grant their consent to the disclosed data being used by Holding Graz or companies owned or co-owned by Holding Graz for marketing purposes in a form in which they receive information about the scope of service of these companies by post or by mail.
  • Participants may revoke this consent at any time without giving reasons. The revocation must be done in writing, whereby it must be sent to Holding Graz by e-mail at the address [email protected] or by post.
Terms and con­di­tions of par­tic­i­pa­tion in com­pe­ti­tions

Here you can access the terms and conditions of participation in competitions: