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Our on­line shops

Whether you’re buying tickets for our trams and buses, admission tickets for swimming pools or Graz Vouchers – you can do it all here online!

Holding Onlineshops
©Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

Graz Lin­ien on­line shop

Graz Mobil Linien Graz Hauptbahnhof NVD
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

You can buy several tickets for public transport here:

  • Wochenkarte
  • Monatskarte
  • Jahreskarte Graz
  • Halbjahreskarte
  • Jahreskarte
  • SchülerInnen- und Lehrlingsfreifahrt
  • Studienkarte
  • Top-Ticket für SchülerInnen (nur Zahlungsbestätigung)
  • Top-Ticket für Lehrlinge
  • Top-Ticket für Studierende

Do you have questions about the Graz Linien ticket shop?

General information:

Technical info:
+43316231199 (Mon-Sun: 6am-8pm)

Swim­ming pools & well­ness tick­et shop

© Holding Graz/Kernasenko

Tickets for our indoor and outdoor pools as well as for our saunas and wellness areas can be purchased online during the bathing season!

You can get these tickets in the Freizeit Graz online shop:

  • Day tickets for pools and saunas
    Season tickets in the form of vouchers (can be exchanged for chip cards at the cash desks)*

Information on the start of the 2021 outdoor pool season and the possibility of refunds for winter season tickets can be found here!

Information on the COVID 19 regulations in our pools and wellness areas (incl. possibility of pre-registration) can be found here!


(* = Family season tickets are currently only available at the ticket offices, online is only possible from 28 May onwards)

Do you have any questions about the Graz Freizeit online shop?

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +43 316 887-tel:3351 

Graz Vouch­ers on­line shop

© Holding Graz

The Graz Voucher is a shopping voucher that can be used in more than 700 Graz stores, food service outlets and service companies like cash. The Graz Voucher is thus ideally suited as a gift idea for any occasion!

Do you have questions about the GrazGutschein online shop?

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +43316887-1071, +43316887-1072