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“Graz ist Klasse”

Under the title “Graz ist Klasse” (literally: “Graz is class”), the Graz Waste Management division offers tours for Graz school groups on the topic of cleanliness.

Recyclingfachfrau-Lehrling in der Sturzgasse.
Joel Kernasenko

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no tours are currently being offered!

Registration for the tours is only possible online. The dates for the individual tours can be found below! The tours are only possible for school groups; the maximum number of participants is 30 (including accompanying person).

"Graz ist Klasse" tours

  • We answer all the questions relating to the topic of waste. Why is waste separated when it is collected? Which waste containers are there? What can be put in the container and what is not allowed in it? What happens to the waste? How and why should we avoid waste?

    Our waste consultants from the environmental department of the city of Graz visit the kindergarten or school.

    Duration: up to 2 lessons

    IMPORTANT: We also offer in-depth project mornings on the topics of waste avoidance and waste separation.

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  • We explain the modern control room, the systems of groundwater enrichment and the horizontal filter wells which are required for the water supply of the Styrian provincial capital and walk through the water conservation area.

    Meeting point: Competence Centre Water; Wasserwerkgasse 11 in Graz-Andritz, in front of the main entrance

    Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

  • We learn how district heating works in Graz and we can test our knowledge on the topics of living room heating & energy saving. We then tour the collector field of the thermal solar plant and the feed-in point of the company SAPPI.

    Meeting point: Competence Centre Water; Wasserwerkgasse 11 in Graz-Andritz, vor dem Haupteingang

    Duration: approx. 1 hour

    Please note: This tour is a supplementary module and can only be booked together with “Nicht alles ist im Fluss”!


  • We find out how electricity is produced and transported or how an e-vehicle works.

    Meeting point: entrance of the Technology Centre at Puchstraße 25

    Duration: approx. 1 hour

  • All the info about our recycling centres 1 and 2, how much residual waste is treated and everything that is required so that organic waste can be used for further agricultural composting.

    Meeting point: Sturzgasse 16, in front of the office building

    Duration: approx. 1 hour

  • We climb down into the Grazbach sewer and thus into an exciting underworld of Graz.

    The tour “Ab in den Kanal” is dependent on the weather and can be cancelled at short notice. Cancellation will be done by telephone or by e-mail.

    Meeting point: Dietrichsteinplatz, im Bereich Sparbersbachgasse 10/corner of Schörgelgasse

    Duration: approx. 1 hour

  • All clear! We show which stages the waste water of the Styrian provincial capital has to go through in order to ultimately be able to return to the natural water cycle.

    Meeting point: sewage treatment plant in Gössendorf, Sportplatzstraße 80, 8077 Gössendorf, at the info point

    Duration: approx. 1.5 hours