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Our apps

Holding Graz offers several useful apps. All of them are of course free of charge. Here you will find descriptions of each app and the links for downloading.

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This is "Graz Mo­bile":

With this app from Graz Linien you can purchase all current tickets for all of Styria without using cash.

These tickets are available in the app:

  • Hourly ticket*
  • 24-hour ticket*
  • Weekly ticket
  • Monthly ticket
  • Graz 72-hour ticket
  • Leisure ticket throughout Styria
  • Top Ticket for Students

All these tickets (exception: Graz 72-hour ticket) are available for all Styrian zones!

(* = when purchasing tickets for Zone 101 in the app around 10% cheaper than buying at all other sales outlets!)

You can pay conveniently with all common credit cards, by eps transfer and by PayPal. Buying tickets thus only takes a few moments!

Video: this is how the app works

  • GrazMobile app

    With this app from Graz Linien you can purchase all current tickets for Zone 101 without using cash. There are also several additional functions!

If you have any questions, you can call on +43 316 23 11 99 (Monday to Saturday from 6 am until 8 pm) or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Note: Please plan slightly more time for the first ticket purchase as you first have to store your payment method details.

We have compiled the most frequent questions and answers regarding the mobile ticket via the Graz Mobile app in the FAQs in the PDF.

This is “qando Graz”:

“qando Graz” will tell you when, how and where to – real time always in your hands! With the free app “qando Graz”, Graz Linien offer mobile passenger information for Zone 101 which provides all the details that passengers need.

An overview of the functions:

  • Monitor: overview of the current departure times in the selected stop area of Zone 101 in real time.
  • Route: route request within Styria.
  • Map: display of the nearest stops, points of interest and any routes within Zone 101.
  • Favourites: save your stops and route requests.
  • Notes & news: stop relocations, diversions, tariffs and much more for Zone 101.
  • Lines & timetables: all current lines and timetables of Graz Linien in Zone 101.
  • qando Graz

    From the mobile real-time display, the integrated route planner and fault information to network plans and points of interest: This free-of-charge app from Graz Linien brings together all the latest mobility information and is the ideal companion.

This is "Graz Waste":

When will waste be collected?

This and many other questions are answered by the “Graz Waste” app. The service informs about important dates and contains useful info and tips on the topic of waste, its correct separation and disposal as well as its avoidance. The service is free of charge and works without any registration.

This is offered by the app:

  • Waste calendar: dates of waste collection with reminder function for: residual waste, organic waste bin, paper bin, yellow bin, “Yellow Bag”, glass packaging. Simply select the address, set the day for reminder and the time, and you’re all done. You can save the dates in your calendar.
  • Waste ABC: separation aid for all waste, waste collection points with opening hours and location details, tips on avoiding waste and much more

Ex­plana­to­ry video for the "Graz Waste" app:

  • Graz waste app

    When will rubbish be collected, how should waste be properly separated, what can and cannot be put in the dustbins? These questions are answered by our free-of-charge waste app "Graz waste" - you can also receive news from waste management directly onto your smartphone!

This is "Look at Graz":

With “Look at Graz”, you can ensure yourself without much effort that the Graz cityscape becomes even more beautiful!

This is how simple it is:

Have you discovered an overflowing waste bin, are you annoyed at a damaged traffic sign, or have you discovered an old, abandoned bicycle? You can report all that to the responsible departments simply and quickly with “Look at Graz”. You mark the respective place on the city map, briefly describe your concern and add a photo where possible. And the responsible departments will already respond. And you will always be kept up to date about the respective status via a traffic light system.

The web version of “Look at Graz” can be found here:

  • Schau auf Graz ("Look at Graz") app

    With "Look at Graz" you yourself can ensure without much effort that the Graz cityscape becomes even more beautiful and cleaner!