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Com­pa­ny re­ports

For several years, we have been publishing our company reports as integrated reports. You will find them here as well as our corporate governance reports. And you can also browse through the performance report of the city of Graz here.

1. Bezirk, Innere Stadt,  Oesterreich,  Steiermark,  Europa, Architektur, Betrieb, Buerogebaeude, Gebaeude, Bauwerk, Grazer Stadtwerke AG, Haus, Holzhaus, City, Innenstadt, downtown, Outdoor, Siedlung, Unternehmen, Betrieb, Urbaner Lebensraum, Wirtschaft, .2005, 216118, G2425
Annual Report 2020
Integrated Report 2019
Integrated Report 2018
Corporate Governance Report 2020
Corporate Governance Report 2019
Corporate Governance Report 2018
Performance Report City of Graz 2019