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The Schloßbergbahn has been transporting passengers since 1894. In the process, the funicular railway overcomes a gradient of 60%!

Wagen der Schloßbergbahn fährt aus Bergstation aus
Location – Innenstadt Schloßberg Schloßberg im Herbst.

COVID-19 reg­u­la­tions as of Novem­ber 15

As of November 15, 2021, the following rules will apply to gondola and funicular railroads:

2G access regulation:

Vaccinated (full immunization by 2 vaccinations).

  • Johnson&Johnson (revaccination required until January 2)
  • Vaccination for short term / transition period with PCR test valid for 4 weeks

Convalescent (maximum 6 months)

Mandatory wearing of FFP2 mask in access areas.

The obligation to transport in accordance with SeilbG 2003 does not apply if proof of 2G is not provided.

Castle Mountain railway is part of the Year of Culture

The “2020 Year of Culture” in Graz was largely postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why our Castle Mountain railway is currently out and about not in its usual red design but in the artistically designed black-and-white design.

Within the framework of the installation “Space*Object*Inbetween”, the Castle Mountain railway was namely transformed under the leadership of the two Graz artists “studio ASYNCHROME” into a utopian zone.

The preparations for the artists’ project took a year in total; within a week, drawings by the two artists were affixed to the glass fronts of the railway carriages with the aid of a technically innovative special film and these drawings made it possible to see and experience the structures, networks and interrelationships. The view of the city, i.e. the analogue panorama, is thus overlaid by a digital panorama that makes it possible to discover new perspectives and areas of possibility and to become part of the drawings yourself.

To the "2020 Year of Culture"
Schloßbergbahn Kulturjahr 2020
studio ASYNCHROME: Space*object*inbetween

General info:

The carriages of the Castle Mountain railway run regularly every 15 minutes (on each full quarter hour); if necessary also at shorter intervals. Thanks to the carriages equipped with a glass roof, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over the city of Graz during the journey.


TicketHour ticket24-hour ticketAscent & descent from 5 pmCombined ticket Schloßberg*
Young people***€1.60€3.40€3.10€3.70
Parents & senior citizens****€1.60€3.40€3.10€3.70
Large dogs€1.30€2.80€2.70€2.30
*= 1 trip with the Castle Mountain railway and 1 trip with the Castle Mountain lift, no restriction in time
**= for children aged between 6 and 14
***= for young people between the ages of 15 and 18
****= for senior citizens aged 60 and over in conjunction with the ÖBB Senior Card, for parents within the framework of the family discount
****= people with disabilities

Con­tact & how to find us

Schloßberg Railway
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 am - midnight
Friday and Saturday: 10 am - 2 am
Sunday: 10 am - midnight
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 38, 8010 Graz
Ausfahrt Schloßbergbahn Bergstation mit Wagen und Passagier.
Zahnräder der Schloßbergbahn in der Bergstation.
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