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Do you want to learn a great profession? Are you hard-working, determined and committed? Are you looking for good, comprehensive vocational training in a large, renowned and secure company? Then you have come to exactly the right place at our company! As the largest municipal service company in southern Austria, Holding Graz has a large number of tasks and responsibilities and trains young people in diverse apprenticeship professions. We do a great deal to make your working environment as attractive as possible.

Motor vehicle technician in work gear works on the wheel of a tram with an impact wrench
@ Holding Graz/Kernasenko

My ap­pren­tice­ship. My fu­ture.

The selection procedure consists of a theoretical and a practical test. In an interview, you can then also convince us that you are aiming for your dream job by selecting that particular profession and will be an ambitious and committed apprentice. Are you interested?

Ap­pren­tice­ship va­can­cies

Mobility (Graz Linien) & Leisure division

  • Motor vehicle technician (bus workshop)
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Electrical technician (already filled for 2022)
  • Track construction technician (already filled for 2022)
  • Car body construction technician (already filled for 2022)
  • Mechanical engineering technician (already filled for 2022)

Infrastructure & Energy division

  • Waste disposal and recycling specialist
  • Garden technician
  • Landscape gardener
  • Motor vehicle technician in the municipal workshop
  • Metal technician
  • Road maintenance technician
  • Electrical engineering (plant and operating technology)

Management & shareholdings division

  • Logistics clerk (Betriebslogistikkaufmann/-frau)
  • Office administrator (already filled for 2022)
  • Finance and accounting assistant (already filled for 2022)

Your con­tact per­sons

Further information on the apprenticeships and the possibility of attending a taster day can be obtained here:

Portrait Isabella Slivniker
© Holding Graz

Isabella Slivniker

Management & Shareholdings

Portrait Helmut Unzog
© Holding Graz

Mag. Helmut Unzog

Coordination of the Infrastructure & Energy division | Assistant to the Managing Director

Portrait Thomas Kalcher
© Holding Graz

Mst. Ing. Thomas Kalcher, Msc

Mobility & Leisure


  • Public utility companies:

    • 1st year of apprenticeship €681.97
    • 2nd year of apprenticeship €868.81
    • 3rd year of apprenticeship €1,126.36
    • 4th year of apprenticeship €1,451.98

    Linien (from collective agreement for the metal industry):

    • 1st year of apprenticeship €701.91
    • 2nd year of apprenticeship €883.88
    • 3rd year of apprenticeship €1,164.65
    • 4th year of apprenticeship €1,549.40

    Further information on this can be obtained from the respective apprenticeship officers (see above).

  • Ask our points of contact about the possibility of attending taster days for your dream profession!