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Be­come one of our drivers

Many of our staff already dreamed of becoming a driver when they were young; others joined the profession later on. But all of them enjoy what they do: working as a driver at Graz Linien.

Bus driver sits in the driver's cabin of a Holding Graz bus and smiles in the direction of the photographer.
© Holding Graz/Joel Kernasenko

Here you can find out how you too can become one of our approximately 600 drivers. We have all the info for you – and you can also apply straight away for your dream job via our online form!

The most important requirements at a glance:


  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Driving licence class B with at least three years of driving experience and/or class D
  • Willingness to work shifts and at weekends and on public holidays
  • Very good spoken and written German
  • Friendly and smart appearance

What we offer you:

Numerous benefits such as uniforms, training, continuing education, company health promotion programme, company kindergarten and crèche as well as a 6th week of holiday from the age of 43.
Gross salary according to the collective agreement of EURO 2,346.03 (at an employment level of 100%).

Here you can find the job advertisement for driving personnel:

Holding Graz is on its way to becoming the most modern municipal service company in Austria. We can only achieve this goal together with our employees.

Graz Linien is an essential business area of Holding Graz and employs more than 600 people in the driving service alone, who transport more than 118.8 million passengers per year.

For this purpose, Graz Linien are on duty for passengers almost around the clock.

An important role is played by friendly and polite behaviour, safe driving and the highest possible punctuality.

What is your job:

  • Driving a bus/tram
  • Pleasure in dealing with people

What do we expect from you?

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Driving licence class B with at least three years of driving experience and/or class D
  • Willingness to work rotas, weekends and public holidays
  • Very good written and spoken German
  • Friendly and well-groomed appearance

What we offer you:

You will work in an exciting environment and can take advantage of many benefits such as uniforms, training, continuing education, company health promotion programme, company kindergarten and crèche and much more. Gross salary according to the collective agreement of Euro 2,346.03 (at an employment level of 100%).

Have we aroused your interest?

Then please apply. You can do so online here!

General information for applicants of the tram and bus driving service

Thank you for your interest in working for Graz Linien! Graz Linien is a major business area of Holding Graz, which employs around 3,000 people throughout the group, almost 700 of whom work in the transport service alone.

We are on duty for our passengers almost around the clock. Friendly and courteous behaviour, a safe driving style and the greatest possible punctuality of connections play an important role in the contact with our numerous customers.

In short: Being a driver for Graz Linien is a very responsible job that puts you in the public eye every day. This job therefore requires a lot of commitment, because you are part of the business card of Holding Graz.

With Holding Graz you have one of the largest municipal service companies in the south of Austria as your employer. This means advantages for you such as a crisis-proof job and numerous social benefits.

In addition, Holding Graz offers you a job in one of the most modern bus fleets in Europe. Our bus fleet is 100% air-conditioned. The tram fleet – which we are currently modernising extensively – already has more than 50% air-conditioned, modern tram vehicles.

With your work in the driving service of Graz Linien, you also make a sustainable contribution to the high quality of life in our beautiful city of Graz through your daily commitment to our approximately 300,000 passengers.

Please read the following information carefully and in detail. Our driving operation is based on a duty rota, which provides for different working hours, including weekends or e.g. public holidays.

We would be pleased if you would become part of our large team that provides for the good quality of life in Graz every day!

Your Graz Linien

Your service rotation

If you would like to pursue a career in the driving service of Graz Linien, please bear in mind:

  • You will work in a so-called “4+2- duty”, i.e. you will usually have four days on duty and two days off, whereby we can use your first of these days off for overtime if necessary. We usually inform you of this two days in advance.

You will also be on rota duty. This means that if you start your first working week with Friday, your next working week starts with Thursday and so on. In detail, in the first week you are on duty from Friday up to and including Monday, have Tuesday and Wednesday off and start working again on Thursday, and so on.

The shifts alternate between early and late shifts, with most of the shifts being divided into two parts. The first shift is separated from the second by a break that lasts at least half an hour, but can also be longer.

As a result of this duty cycle, conventional weekends, namely a Saturday and Sunday off, are only given every sixth week.

You will have your days off during the week within these six weeks. In future, public holidays can also be duty time for you if one falls within your duty cycle.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that we also run night buses before public holidays and weekends. These services between 0.30 a.m. and 03.00 a.m. are also to be driven by employees of our driving service in equal measure.

Please take into account that such service times should also be compatible with your private and family life.

Your personal requirements for the driving service

As we see ourselves as a service provider for our passengers, we expect our employees to have an impeccable appearance. In addition to a well-groomed appearance, we require a good knowledge of German (written and spoken) and a spotless police record.

Enjoying dealing with people, a high level of stress resistance as well as basic knowledge in conflict management facilitate the work and are further basic requirements to be successful in this job. You are the first point of contact for our passengers for any concerns, both questions and complaints.

These personality components are assessed by our company doctor as part of the selection process and a traffic psychology examination, in addition to a physical fitness check.

Your training and your earnings

The training lasts on average one and a half to two months. The costs of 2,500 euros for the driving school are laid out by Graz Linien and must be reimbursed if you leave our company prematurely.

The starting salary for employees in the driving service is around 2,346.03 euros gross 14 times a year from the beginning of your employment and is in your account punctually on the first of the month.

For your application, please use our online application form at

If necessary, we will contact you by phone or in writing and inform you about the further procedure!

If you still have questions, please contact

Robert Gartner (Tel.: 0316 887 4782) or
Petra Hösele (Tel.: 0316 887 1126).

We look forward to receiving your application!