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Our oc­cu­pa­tions

Find out more about the jobs offered by Holding Graz. Our employees explain what their day-to-day responsibilities are and talk about what a typical day at work looks like.

Omputzmann Thomas Hofer chats with driver of small waste transporter
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

Our em­ploy­ees in water man­age­ment

Our em­ploy­ees in resid­u­al waste col­lec­tion

Our em­ploy­ees at Graz Lin­ien

Our em­ploy­ees in waste man­age­ment

Our em­ploy­ees in the mu­nic­i­pal work­shop

Em­ploy­ee sto­ries from clean­ing the city

Our em­ploy­ees at En­ergie Graz

Start your ca­reer at the Hold­ing Graz sub­sidiary Ankün­der

Achtzigzehn - the in-house agen­cy of Hold­ing Graz