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Graz is tim

Even if you do not have your own car, it is possible to be out and about in Graz in a low-cost and flexible way – the car sharing service “tim” of Holding Graz makes it possible! tim stands for “täglich. intelligent. mobil.” (“”) and creates mobility hubs at selected stops for many people in Graz. There, tim brings together, in addition to public transport, (e)-car sharing, rental cars, e-taxis, bicycle parking spaces for your own bicycle and public charging stations for private e-cars.

tim location Eisernes Tor, electric car being charged
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner

The “tim” mobility hubs can be found at the following ten locations:

  • Eggenberger Alle (Janzgasse)
  • Economic Chamber (Körblergasse)
  • Hasnerplatz
  • Mohsgasse (central station)
  • Eisernes Tor
  • Andreas-Hofer-Platz (Holding Graz-Zentrale)
  • Brauquartier (Puntigam)
  • Schillerplatz
  • Jakominigürtel
  • Lendplatz


Holding Graz also offers conventional car sharing with tim at the following locations:

  • Geidorfplatz
  • Kernstockgasse
  • Stremayrgasse
  • St.-Peter-Pfarrweg


Incidentally, tim is also at Graz airport, where there is (e-) car sharing and rental cars.

Registration is done in the tim service centre in Steyrergasse where you are given a tim card that is virtually the key for the tim cars. The tim cars can then be booked very easily via the homepage

Tip: With a valid Graz annual ticket from Holding Graz Linien, tim membership is free of charge for up to a year!


An overview of tim: figures, data and facts

Graphic with figures, data and facts on tim
© tim