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Graz air­port

Our “gateway to the world”. Thanks to renowned airline partners, there are links to many international hubs from Graz.

Exterior view of the Graz Airport building at night
© Flughafen Graz/Krug

Graz air­port

The airport, which was established as early as 1913, is now one of the most modern regional airports in Central Europe. There are flights from Graz to major European hubs (e.g. Frankfurt, Istanbul, Amsterdam) which make it possible to connect to other flights going to destinations around the world. Graz airport is a significant factor in Styria as an economic location and of huge importance for internationally active companies with their registered office or branches in southern Austria.

Particularly in the summer, our airport is a popular departure base of many charter flights. Our “gateway to the world” now has around a million passengers a year.

Shopping & food service

Graz airport is also a meeting place when you do not even want to fly. Because you can shop at the airport when other shops have long closed. For instance, in the “Spar” branch on site which is also open on Sundays and public holidays.

And our airport also offers culinary highlights which you can also treat yourself to without a flight ticket (but it is sometimes better to reserve beforehand!). In the “Globetrotter” restaurant, you can enjoy themed buffets, à la carte dishes and menus whilst enjoying an unobstructed view of planes landing and taking off. In the summer, the restaurant serves meals on the terrace. There is a BBQ between May and September. The “Kitchen by Fräulein Fröhlich” in the airport terminal is also an enjoyable place to eat.

Our airport is ideally suited for conferences as well!

Info on shops, food service outlets, etc. can be found here!

Interior shot of the empty restaurant at Graz Airport with festively laid tables
© Flughafen Graz/Sommerauer

Graz airport

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 6 am – 11.30 pm
Flughafenstraße, 8073 Feldkirchen