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Our swim­ming pool reg­u­la­tions

Dear Guests,

You would like to recuperate and relax in our city! In order to be able to offer you a first-class service, however, we ask for your understanding for some important instructions that you should also take note of in your own interest!

When entering the swimming pool facilities, visitors automatically subject themselves to the swimming pool regulations. The instructions of the staff must be followed.

Young woman swirls up water in a swimming pool with her long hair
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Our swimming pool regulations:

  • The validity of the swimming pool and sauna regulations extends to the entire area of the changing rooms, sanitation facilities and buffet areas.
  • It is not possible for the swimming pool management or the staff to generally avoid swimming accidents. In particular, the guests themselves bear the risks associated with carrying out the sport exercised on the swimming pool premises.
  • Wearing bathing sandals is recommended. The swimming pool does not assume any liability if guests slip or fall.
  • The operator is not liable for personal injury or damage to property on the car park or the access routes to the swimming pool. The usage of the car park is at the visitors’ own risk. No liability is assumed for vehicles that are parked on public land.
  • Every guest is liable for his or her access data carrier. If the data carrier should be lost, this must be blocked immediately by the employees at the reception, with submission of the invoice. In the event that food or drinks have been booked on the lost data carrier, the guest who has lost the data carrier has to pay this food and these drinks before leaving the swimming pool premises.
  • The operator of the swimming pool does not assume any liability for valuables deposited in the bathing area or for injuries, accidents, damage and consequential damage that have been caused by non-compliance with the swimming pool regulations or other regulations that are announced or by disregard of instructions from the supervisors, by own culpability on the part of the injured party or by force majeure or by third parties.
  • The swimming pool personnel are not obligated nor are they able to supervise minors or mentally or physically challenged persons and/or non-swimmers. In addition, non-swimmers may only stay in the pool or parts of the pool marked for them.
  • Children under the age of 14 are only admitted to the swimming pool when they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Exceptions: Admission is permitted from the age of 10 if the child can show or provide proof of a free swimmer’s pass, membership of a swimming club, a competitive swimmer’s pass or an all-round swimmer’s pass. ATTENTION: As a parent or guardian, please provide your children with photo IDs if there is no photo on the swimming IDs!
  • Compensation is to be paid in the event of damage or contamination to the premises, the furnishings or fittings or other facilities or in the event of swimming pool inventory being lost.
  • No liability will be assumed for the destruction, damage or loss of the items brought into the swimming pool premises.
  • The guest must ensure that the cloakroom locker is locked. Further information can be obtained from the reception.
  • No liability will be assumed for any harm to health caused by using the swimming pool.
  • The operation of windows, ventilation equipment and other technical systems is to be solely by the swimming pool staff. Any handling of swimming pool equipment which is not envisaged for direct use by the guest is prohibited. Unauthorised operation can result in far-reaching liability claims.
  • In the event of incidents in the swimming pool (accident, arguments, etc.) the lifeguard is to be notified immediately.



  • It is only permitted to spend time in the wet area of the swimming pools when dressed in usual swimwear (no street clothing, no underwear).
  • Guests are expected to shower each time before they enter the pool unless the pool is only left for a short time.
  • The barefoot/wet area may not be entered with outdoor shoes. Foot disinfectant systems should be used both when entering and leaving the swimming pool.
  • The hygiene and sauna regulations are to be complied with by every guest. Any contamination of the swimming pool facilities or the water is prohibited.
  • Food and drinks may only be consumed in the food service area and in the areas specially marked for this purpose.
  • Swimwear may not be washed out in a swimming pool or rung out in the changing room area.
  • Guests are only permitted to use soap to wash themselves under the shower; soap is prohibited in the swimming pools.
  • In the interest of keeping the swimming pool water clean, frugal use of cosmetics is requested.
  • Pets may not be taken onto the swimming pool premises.



  • It is prohibited to take breakable items into the swimming pool area.
  • Throwing away or leaving items behind that could cause accidents, bringing dangerous items and flammable items with you, or the use of items of furnishing contrary to generally usual use is prohibited.


Opening hours and access:

  • Prices and opening hours apply according to the information on display.
  • The swimming pool management can restrict the use of the swimming pool or parts thereof (e.g. blocking the sports pool under certain conditions / for certain events, reservations). This does not entitle the guest to return the admission ticket or to demand a reduction in price.
  • Entering or leaving the swimming pool must be done solely via the main entrance.
  • The fence around the swimming pool premises may not be scaled or climbed over. The usage of the facilities is only permitted with a valid ticket.
  • If the officially permitted number of visitors is exceeded, the swimming pool may prohibit access by further visitors.
  • Every admission ticket is specific to the individual, i.e. admission is only granted to a specific person. When that person leaves the swimming pool, the admission ticket immediately becomes invalid (except for in the case of tickets valid for several days, subscription tickets and time value tickets)
  • Providers of swimming courses (also applies for private providers) must accept the specified regulations of the swimming pool. Courses may only be held if the tariffs determined by Freizeit Graz are paid (courses with reservation / monthly billing) or have been paid (courses without reservation / 2 x a year in advance).
  • If several tariff discounts should apply to you, only one can be claimed.
  • There is no right to return unused admission tickets.
  • In the case of tickets valid for several days, admission at a later point in time cannot be guaranteed if the holder leaves the swimming pool and the maximum permissible number of guests is subsequently exceeded.
  • The cloakroom lockers are to be emptied when the guest leaves the premises. In the event of non-compliance, the locker will be opened by the swimming pool staff and the contents removed.
  • Free tickets are only valid until the point in time stipulated and cannot be extended.
  • Subject to changes in prices and the programme. Errors and misprints excepted.
  • Selling and gifting vouchers on the swimming pool premises is prohibited. Any misuse will be prosecuted.
  • Admission tickets are to be retained for the entire duration of the visit to the swimming pool. Lost tickets will not be re-issued. Lost keys are to be paid for.
  • Change is to be checked immediately at the till; subsequent objections will not be taken into account.
  • Admission will be refused to all persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have infectious or nauseating illnesses, open wounds etc., or have such ailments that jeopardise the safety of the sick person and fellow guests or disturb swimming, do not comply with the principles of hygiene and cleanliness or may not receive any bathing treatments on the orders of a doctor. These persons may be prohibited from entering the swimming pool premises temporarily or permanently. An admission fee will not be refunded in the event of an expulsion from the swimming pool.
  • Persons who persistently infringe the provisions of the swimming pool regulations, ignore the instructions from the swimming pool staff or use the facilities contrary to their designated purpose will be excluded from further use of the swimming pool facilities and will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the admission fee.
  • The end of the swimming and sauna sessions will be declared by an announcement and/or by information on the notice board. The swimming pool guests undertake not to exceed the opening hours.



  • Swimming pool guests must refrain from anything that is contrary to common decency and the maintenance of safety, tranquillity and order.
  • In order to be able to guarantee the expected recuperative value for each bathing guest, we ask you to observe corresponding quiet throughout the swimming pool and wellness area.
  • Please communicate your wishes, suggestions and complaints to the employee team.
  • The swimming pool regulations apply for general swimming pool activities. Exceptions may be permitted in the case of special events, without requiring a rescission of the swimming pool regulations.
  • Pushing or throwing other people into the swimming pool is prohibited.
  • It is pointed out that the hygiene regulations must be complied with and that the wearing of swimwear is mandatory. Time spent in the swimming pool or on the premises is done at the guest’s own risk. Special waterproof nappies are to be used for children under the age of 3. As our swimming pool is intended as a place of recuperation, we ask you to avoid making any noise. If the swimming pool hygiene regulations are not complied with, a cleaning fee may be charged.
  • Items that are found should be handed into the reception.
  • Every swimming pool guests is obligated to be considerate towards other guests. Shouting, loud singing or whistling, as well as any type of horseplay and any disturbing of other swimming pool guests or putting them in danger is prohibited throughout the entire swimming pool area.
  • If the facilities are used by groups, their leader is responsible for complying with the swimming pool regulations.
  • Ball games are not permitted in the indoor area, except in the children’s pool.
  • Photographing and filming swimming pool guests against their will is prohibited.
  • If other swimming pool guests are in danger, the use of air mattress, flippers etc. in the water can be prohibited by the lifeguard. Goggles are to be secured so that they do not fall down when you are in the pools.
  • Swimming pool guests and visitors to the pool are not permitted to enter the operational rooms.
  • Towels and bathrobes that are rented from the swimming pool for a fee must be returned before the guest leaves the premises.
  • The showers are to be switched off after use.
  • Any waste of water must be avoided.
  • The swimming pool management is entitled to define discounts on the admission prices for special promotions over a certain period and also to increase them.
  • Any type of commercial activity, announcements or advertising in the swimming pool area requires consent from the swimming pool management.
  • Mobile phones are generally banned in the entire swimming pool and sauna area.
  • Every swimming pool guest must behave in a considerate and disciplined way towards other guests and staff.
  • Smoking is only permitted on the swimming pool premises in the zones marked for this purpose.
  • Our employees always strive to be friendly and helpful towards our swimming pool guests. So that we can respond accordingly to your suggestions, wishes or any complaints, please notify them to our team on site. There are forms on display for written notifications.

We ask all swimming pool guests to comply with the swimming pool regulations and thus to contribute themselves to ensuring that this swimming pool can be a place of recuperation and relaxation for all visitors.