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Month­ly tick­et

The practical ticket for one month. The monthly ticket can be ordered for all zones.
from 60,80 €
1 month

The monthly ticket is the second cheapest ticket in Styria and ideal for all regular customers who want to stay flexible at the same time. The monthly ticket is valid for a month from the first day of validity, which you determine yourself, until midnight on the last day of validity for any number of trips in the tariff zones selected.

Where is the ticket valid?

Zone 101 (Graz municipal area)

What do you have to pay attention to?

  • The monthly pass is not returnable
  • The monthly pass is not transferable
  • The cardholder must be older than 6 years of age

How long is the ticket valid for? 

From the date it is stamped until midnight on the last date of validity – for instance, from 12 May up to and including 11 June of the same year. Or from 18 December up to and including 17 January of the following year.

What variants of the ticket are there?

None (standard price from the age of 6)

Where can I buy the ticket?

  • Stationary ticket machines at selected stops
  • Ticket machines in the trams
  • “Graz Mobile” app (cf. teaser below)
  • In the Mobility and Sales Centre
  • In around 100 kiosks throughout Graz

GrazMobile app

With this app of Graz Linien you can buy all common tickets for the whole of Styria without cash (with credit card, instant bank transfer or debit card).