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Tick­ets for dogs

Large dogs need a ticket when they are taken on public transport in our city. You will find all the information about this here!
1,40 €
Dog tickets

Dogs are also welcome passengers at Graz Linien! In a similar way to child tickets, the half-rate fare is to be paid for dogs that cannot be transported in a suitable container.

Where does the ticket apply?

Zone 101 (Graz municipal region)

How long is the ticket valid for?

One hour or 24 hours

How much does the ticket cost?

Hourly ticket: €1.40

24-hour ticket: €2.90






Extract from the terms and conditions of carriage of Graz Linien:

Dogs with a bite-proof muzzle may be taken on board if they can be transported without bothering or hindering other passengers. They must be carried or kept on a short lead. The passenger must supervise the animals. They may not be transported on seats. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are exempted from the obligation to wear a muzzle.

The half-rate fare is to be paid for transporting a dog.

Trained assistance dogs with valid ID and the guide dog of a blind passenger will be transported free of charge.

Other small non-dangerous animals (also applies for small dogs) may be transported in suitable containers if they can be transported without bothering the passengers. Transportation is done free of charge if the provisions regarding the transportation of hand luggage apply.

Only the dog owner is responsible for correctly securing their animal. In the event of soiling caused by the animal, the dog owner must pay the cleaning charge set out in the tariff terms and conditions.

The passenger is responsible for ensuring compliance with veterinary police regulations.