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Haz­ardous Waste Ex­press

Our Hazardous Waste Express collects hazardous waste at around 20 stations in Graz. Here you will find further information about it as well as the timetable for this year.

Hazardous waste express stands in front of Graz City Hall
© Holding Graz

Our Hazardous Waste Express:


Old batteries, energy-saving bulbs, paints, medicines and other hazardous waste have to be disposed of correctly! One possibility to do so is offered by the Graz Hazardous Waste Express. The lorry in the informative design stops at around 20 stations every week and accepts waste at each stop for two hours.

So that you can dispose of your  hazardous waste correctly, Holding Graz Waste Management department has launched the mobile hazardous waste collection point “Hazardous Waste Express”.

The dates, i.e. when and where it stops, can be found below! By the way, you also have option of disposing of your hazardous waste at the stationary hazardous waste collection points.

Haz­ardous Waste Ex­press dates

Graz waste app

When will rubbish be collected, how should waste be properly separated, what can and cannot be put in the dustbins? These questions are answered by our free-of-charge waste app "Graz waste" - you can also receive news from waste management directly onto your smartphone!