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Wood­en mar­ble run

Game fun like it was in the past – possible at our attraction! Our wooden marble run is a real attraction for all the family!

Boy playing with the wooden marble run on the Schöckl
© Holding Graz

Fun for young and old

This is fun: playing like our grandparents did! The company Almholz from Fladnitz built a wooden marble run on the Schöckl plateau – fun for young and old. The land for this attraction was provided by graduate engineer Stubenberg. The wooden marble run is another game element of the nature game path on the Schöckl which was newly set up in the summer of 2017. Along the nature game path, families and children can discover the Schöckl as they walk in an entertaining way.

Photo gallery

Two children fetch balls for the wooden marble run at Schöckl from the vending machine
© Holding Graz
Boy chases ball on wooden marble run at Schöckl
© Holding Graz
Family playing with the marble run on the Schöckl. In the foreground a boy cheers
© Holding Graz

Sim­i­lar ac­tiv­i­ties

Nature games path

The hit for young visitors: explore the mountain in a fun way! Our little mascot “Hansi” is also on the Schöckl!

Disc golf

On the Schöckl, our world is a disc – and it is fun! Our disc golf course is a sporty attraction for all the family!

Motor skills parkour

Fitness and health on the mountain – that is the combination offered by our “motor skills course” on the plateau of the Schöckl.