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The green living space of the residents of Graz attracts visitors with magnificent avenues and a whole lot of nature.

Aerial view of the city centre of Graz
@ Holding Graz/Kernasenko

The Stadtpark: The green lung in the heart of the city centre

The Stadtpark, which is probably known to every Graz resident as the “green heart” in the centre of the city, is also an example of the commitment of citizens to safeguarding and preserving the green and open spaces in the city. In as early as 1868,  committed gentlemen of Graz society and the mayor at the time,  Moritz Ritter von Franck, began to champion the idea of a Stadtpark on the green areas (glacis) before the city walls which were no longer needed for the defence of the city.


The tree population of the Graz Stadtpark amounts to around 2000 trees. The white-flowering horse chestnut is the most frequent type represented, with a total of 830 trees. In addition, there are another 150 different kinds, species and types of varying origin and families in the Graz Stadtpark. The backbone of the Stadtpark is formed by the so-called Dammallee with its four sub-sections and by the avenues of the individual road connections. Both the Dammallee and the roads that cross the park are planted with the white-flowering horse chestnut.

Ducklings swimming in pond in city park
© Stadt Graz/Fischer
Stadtpark fountain with switched-on water fountains
© Stadt Graz/Fischer
Aerial view of the city centre of graz
© Holding Graz/Kernasenko