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Ad­vent in Graz

The most beautiful time of the year is celebrated in Graz in a very special way. Advent in its most beautiful form, an experience for young and old. Here you can find all the info!

Festive illuminated ice crib
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner

This was the Advent 2023 in Graz:

Here you find all the information about the highlights of Advent 2023 in Graz. Look forward to the most beautiful time of the year in our wonderful city centre, which is even more beautiful than usual during Advent!

Advent markets:

Numerous pre-Christmas attractions await visitors around the Advent markets throughout the city centre during what is probably the most beautiful time of the year. The many different markets and Advent highlights can be easily reached on foot. In addition, there are also comfortable and attractive Christmas mobility offers.

Advent markets: from 18 November to 24 December 2023
Arts and crafts: from 1 December to 24 December 2023

Festlich beleuchteter Adventmarkt am Hauptplatz (Luftaufnahme)
Beleuchteter Hauptplatz mit Blick vom Rathaus zum Schloßberg in der Adventzeit. Advent in Graz.

Christmas tree:

This year, Graz’s main square will be adorned with a magnificent Christmas tree from the Altaussee region (Blaawald). The
spruce is more than 29 metres high. The Christmas glow is provided by Energie Graz, which lovingly handcrafted the tree with over 25,000 lights, ovingly decorated by hand.

Hauptplatz, from 2. 12. 2023
Illuminated daily from 4 to 10 p.m.
24 and 31 December until 2 a.m.

Opening ceremony and illumination:
2. 12. 2023, from 4 p.m.

Christbaum am Hauptplatz
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner

Christmas illumination:

The Christmas lights give Graz’s city centre that very special pre-Christmas ambience. Numerous squares and streets with different motifs invite you to look and marvel. A very special highlight is the new lighting in Herrengasse.

From 16 November 2023.

Tramway runs through Herrengasse illuminated for Christmas.
© Sebastian Zier

The ice crib:

The ice cot in the historic Landhaushof is one of the classics of “Advent in Graz” and arouses enthusiasm among Christmas lovers year after year – even worldwide. The renowned Finnish ice artist Kimmo Frosti and his international team of ice carvers transform over 33.3 tonnes of crystal-clear ice into a unique work of art. After dusk
the ice cot is beautifully set off by the atmospheric lighting.

Landhaushof, from 2. 12. 2023
Daily 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Opening ceremony:
Salinenmusik Altaussee and
2. 12. 2023 from 5.15 pm

Further choir performances:
8. 12. 2023, 4 to 4.30 p.m.
Vocal ensembles Fenice
8. 12. 2023, 5 to 5.30 p.m.

Webcam ice crib
Festive illuminated ice crib
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner

Graz winter world:

What would Advent be without the winter world of Graz? Ice skating, ice hockey and curling make the wait for the Christ Child fly by. To warm up, the ice café with mulled wine and punch, tea and cocoa as well as small dishes and winter barbecue invite you.
New to the ice? No problem! Ice skating courses and skate rental also invite beginners to enjoy the ice rink.

Jahngasse 3, from 18. 12. 

Graz winter world
View over the snow-covered ice skating rink of the Graz Winter World at the State Sports Centre during snowfall. Some visitors are at the skating rink, which is lined with conifers all around.
© Simon Möstl

Adventbim (Advent tramway) & Advent slow train (Bummelzug)

The Advent slow train makes its rounds through the Christmas old town and invites young and old passengers on a voyage of discovery. The festively decorated Advent Bim from the Tramway Museum Graz is also on its way.

Advent slow train:
From 18. 11. 2023, daily from 11 am to 8 pm. 24. 12. 11 am to 2 pm
From Christkindlmarkt, fare € 3 (adults) or € 2 (children).
Special rides for groups (on request) from 10 a.m.

From 18. 11. 2023, Friday to Sunday from 16 to 20 hrs.
On 24. 12. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Free of charge! From Jakominiplatz, Hauptplatz, Südtiroler Platz

Adventbim in the illuminated Herrengasse in the evening during Advent.
© Stadt Graz/Foto Fischer

Old Town Bim (Altstadtbim) and free rides on Saturdays:

Free travel for all is generally available on all Advent Saturdays. In the city centre you can travel for free every day thanks to the Altstadtbim.

Advent Saturdays:

2.12.2023, 9.12.2023, 16.12.2023, 23.12.2023


Advent projections:

During Advent, not only the streets and squares in the city centre are illuminated for Christmas, but also Graz City Hall. From 1 December, an oversized Advent calendar can even be seen on the façade. In childlike anticipation, the whole of Graz counts down the remaining days until Christmas Eve.
Just a few minutes’ walk away on the other side of the Mur is another Christmas light installation on the façade of the Mariahilferkirche.

Hauptplatz, 16.11. to 27.12.
Mariahilferplatz, 16.11. to 24.12.
Daily 4 to 10 pm; 24 Dec. until 2 am

Illuminated Graz City Hall in Advent
© Stadt Graz/Foto Fischer
Illuminated mini clock tower in Advent at Eisernes Tor
@ achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner
Advent market in front of the mountain station of the Schlossbergbahn at sunset. Numerous people are gathered in front of the stalls, which are decorated with fairy lights. The bell tower on the Schlossberg can be seen in the background, and there is also a sweeping view over the lights of the city. The sky is colored orange.
© ivents/Scheriau
Illuminated Christmas tree on the main square at night. In the foreground an illuminated Graz lettering
© Holding Graz/Zier

Ad­vent mar­kets:

Christmas market in front of the town hall (from 18.11.):

The Christkindlmarkt in front of the town hall attracts visitors with traditional arts and crafts and culinary delicacies.

Advent meeting at the Eisernen Tor (from 18.11.):
The Advent market at the Eisernen Tor is run by charitable institutions that donate their proceeds to aid projects.

Advent market at Mehlplatz (from 18.11.):
The richly decorated facades of the buildings on Mehlplatz form a unique backdrop for the Advent market, including delicious delicacies and hot drinks.

Alt-Grazer Christkindlmarkt in the Franziskanerviertel (from 18.11.):
At the city’s oldest Christmas market, rural traditions are upheld with products from Styria’s gourmet regions.

Advent Market in the Joanneum Quarter (from 18.11.):
Some of Styria’s best restaurateurs will be on hand to serve homemade delicacies.

Children’s Advent in Kleine Neutorgasse (from 18.11.):
Attractions such as the Ringelspiel, the children’s train and the Ferris wheel await the whole family. Small treats and warm drinks are also not to be missed.

Advent Market at Südtiroler Platz (from 18.11.):
The rustic Steirerhütte forms the centre of this small but all the finer market. With its culinary delicacies and excellent mulled wine and punch, it is a popular meeting place.

Wonderlend on Mariahilferplatz (from 18.11.):
Colourful stalls and floats as well as a music programme create a wonderful atmosphere on Mariahilferplatz. Mulled wine, punch and other delicacies await you.

Grieskindlmarkt at Nikolaiplatz (from 18.11.):
Fashion, decoration, natural cosmetics, jewellery and accessories by Styrian designers are sustainably produced. Mulled wine, punch and regional delicacies made from local ingredients make resource conservation an additional pleasure.

Advent Market at the Glockenspielplatz (from 18.11.):
Specialities and handicrafts from Styria transform the Glockenspielplatz into a popular meeting place during Advent.

Aufsteirern Advent Market on the Schloßberg (from 18.11.):
A traditional music programme accompanies the festive atmosphere above the roofs of Graz. High-quality products from Styrian exhibitors as well as delicious mulled wine and punch will delight body and soul.

Colourful products from all over the world at Tummelplatz (from 24.11.):
Woolen goods, Christmas decorations, textiles, ceramics, fragrances and handicrafts made of wood, glass and metal from all over the world. With culinary delights, Christmas here is an experience for all the senses.

Art/craft/market on Färberplatz (from 1.12.):
Artisans from the local and international creative scene present their handmade unique pieces made of various materials such as clay, fabric, metal, wax or leather.

ARTvent in the Lesliehof (from 1.12.):
The studios of the Styrian Arts and Crafts Initiative (STIKH) present high-quality art and utility objects. There are also modern Christmas cots from an international competition to marvel at.

Evening view of the Advent market at Glockenspielplatz. The various stalls are decorated for Christmas and brightly lit. Passers-by stand in front of them and look at the displays. The facades of the buildings in the background are hung with fairy lights.
© Graz Tourismus/Schiffer
Evening view of the Circus Wonderlend on Mariahilferplatz. Passers-by stand around tables and at the stalls. Strings of lights with red, blue, yellow and green lamps hang in the trees. In the background, colorful patterns are projected onto the facade of the Minoritenkirche.
© Graz Tourismus/Schiffer
Evening view of the brightly lit Ferris wheel at the Children's Advent at Kapistran Pieller Square. The ground is covered with snow and passers-by wait in a short queue in front of the ticket booth.
© Graz Tourismus/Schiffer
Stand at the Advent market at the Tummelplatz . It is evening and in the display of a Standls are various fabrics, clothing and jewelry to see.
© Graz Tourismus/Schiffer