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Blog: Sum­mer is com­ing – get into the cool wa­ter!

Viewed from above: Woman with hat reading a book at the poolside
© Katharina Hofmann

Fit for the summer

Finally! Summer is approaching. And with it, as every year, comes thoughts about the bikini body. Especially after the lockdown, when some of us put on a bit more weight, we look for quick tips to get back into shape.

Instead of crash diets, which are not effective in the long run anyway, I want to give you a few ideas on how to fight your excess fat and have fun at the same time.

Looking back at my posts of the last few months, there are already a few potential programme points in this regard. For example, a run along the Mur or around the Hilmteich will really get you going. A workout in one of the many workout parks will shape your muscles. If you take on the challenge of the 7 Summits, you can not only proudly present your collective passport at the end of the day, but also burn about 1500-2000 kcal.

A special tip for your bikini figure? Put on your bikini and get into the water!

You can burn 500-900 kcal in one hour of swimming/crawling. That’s 3 Cornetto Classic or 2 portions of chips, which you can eat in the refreshing water of the sports pool.

Young woman rests her arms on the edge of the pool
© Katharina Hofmann
Laughing young woman holding a book
© Katharina Hofmann
Viewed from above: Woman with hat reading a book at the poolside
© Katharina Hofmann

All the better that since 19.5, in addition to the gastronomy, the pools in Graz have also been allowed to open again. Here’s a brief summary of which ones are available in Graz and what they have to offer.


The outdoor pool in Eggenberg is an absolute highlight for all water rats. It offers a 10-metre diving tower and two large outdoor pools with enough space for exercise. In addition to a large lawn that invites you to sunbathe, the Auster also has a beach volleyball facility with 4 courts.

For children, there is a children’s area with motorbike elements and a paddling pool, as well as the wide wave and adventure slide. With this range of possibilities, no one is sure to get bored, even on a full-day visit.

By the way: the Oyster is also a good idea in bad weather! In addition to the outdoor pool, it has a large indoor pool and a wellness oasis. With its length of 50m, the sports pool is the longest swimming pool in southern Austria. The wellness pool has various saunas and baths, which invite you to feel good and relax on an area of 2,000 square metres over two floors.

Taking a sauna and getting fit for the summer is by no means a contradiction! The change from dry hot air to subsequent cooling stimulates the metabolism and all organ systems. In addition, the rising body temperature of around 39 degrees stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies and thus prevent infections. 5-15 minutes are absolutely sufficient. However, you should pay attention to how long the temperature is comfortable for you.


This outdoor pool is located in Andritz and is a hot tip for families. Fun and games are definitely not neglected here. There are water slides, swinging animals, seesaws and sand play areas – everything a child’s heart desires. Sporting activities are also provided: table tennis, badminton and football are available.

There is also additional space for relaxation, especially for those who like to work up a sweat. A visit to one of the various sauna areas will undoubtedly take care of that.

Bad Straßgang

“All Natural” is the name of the game at the spacious outdoor pool on the outskirts of the city. It is a natural pool with a natural gravel floor, covering 11,000 square metres of water. Here too, apart from swimming, there are opportunities for exercise: There is a beach volleyball court, as well as a beach soccer and table tennis court.

If you want, you can take off all your clothes and avoid bikini stripes. There is also a special nudist area at Bad Straßgang.


The very centrally located “Magerl” is the epitome of small but nice. It has a 25-metre swimming pool and a children’s pool with a children’s slide. Because of its location, this outdoor pool is also a popular destination for students. Who doesn’t like to jump into the cold water to cool off after a tournament at the beach volleyball or table tennis court there?


The Augartenbad is also not far from the centre. Many water features, such as the fountain with waterfall and a geyser on the ground, delight both young and old visitors. In addition to the 25-metre sports pool with diving tower, there are also opportunities for boccia, beach volleyball and table tennis. For children, there is a paddling pool, an adventure slide and a separate children’s area with a play tower and sand playground.

You can find the admission prices to the outdoor and indoor pools as well as tickets here. You can also buy and reserve tickets directly online.

Slide in the Augartenbad with stairway and swimming pool in the foreground
© Ripix
Pool and diving tower at Augartenbad
© Ripix
Three beach volleyball courts with players
© Ripix