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Air­port as an eco­nom­ic hub

It is not only for passengers that Graz airport is the “gateway to the world” – it is also crucial for businesses. Because our airport is also an essential part of Styria as an economic location.

Exterior view of the Graz Airport building at night
© Flughafen Graz/Krug

Many companies in Styria and particular in the Graz municipal region are highly export-oriented. On the one hand, they need good passenger flight connections and on the other, and in particular, a good network of cargo connections. And that is what Graz airport can guarantee as it offers around 20 daily air cargo connections, meaning our airport has ideal links to the global cargo network.

For 20 years, Graz airport has had one of the most modern cargo infrastructures in south-eastern Europe – plus perfect motorway links. Transport from and to most European airports is thus possible within 24 hours.

However, Graz airport is not only important for other businesses, it is also of great significance as a company itself. Calculations show that, for every person who works for the airport or one of the companies located there, three other persons are employed. Five thousand Styrian jobs are directly connected to the airport.

And: Every one million euros of gross value added which is generated at Graz airport is also supplemented by around three million euros additionally of gross value added of other companies. In total, our airport generates gross value added of EUR 700 million!