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Han­si, the lit­tle mas­cot

Find out everything you want to know about our little mascot “Hansi” here! And you will also discover where you can meet “Hansi”!

Holding Graz mascot Hansi stands in front of a wall and forms a heart with his paws
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

“Hansi” is our little mascot for children. He aims to explain to children the services of Holding Graz and of the city of Graz in more detail. “Hansi” first only existed as a comic figure that was highly present in a painting book and on the Schöckl. Now he is also here in real life!


  • Name: “Hansi”, the squirrel.
  • Main activity: small mascot of Holding Graz for children.
  • Place of residence: tree house in the large, old maple tree on Castle Mountain.
  • What I like: experiencing adventures with children at Holding Graz, watching my colleagues at work, bringing joy to all Graz residents, acting in a responsible and respectful way and talking about the services of Holding Graz.
  • My personal goal: I am delighted when everybody in Graz recognises me and knows that I am the little mascot of Holding Graz for children!
  • What there is already from me: a great painting book, coloured pencils, bookmarks, competition tickets, signs on the Schöckl, articles in the Kleine Kinderzeitung, search pictures in the BIG, video.

Ques­tions to "Han­si"

Our little mascot “Hansi” helps the youngest Graz residents to understand how life in a city works. As a child and family-friendly company, we would like to show our youngest citizens in particular what it looks like behind the scenes at Holding Graz. Finding out about how many people work to ensure Graz stays beautiful should be exciting and educational at the same time.

Children ask lots of questions – our “Hansi” has answered many of them in simple language appropriate for children. You can access the videos via the link below.

“Hansi” loves the Schöckl!

Our “Hansi” particularly likes being on the Schöckl – particularly on the nature games trail and on the “Witches’ Express”. There is even a special painting book for your visit to the Schöckl – you can download it below!

Two young boys ride the Witch Express
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Mascot Hansi with school children in front of several Holding Graz buses
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Children pose behind a cow sculpture on the nature play path on the Schöckl
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Children hike on the nature play trail on the Schöckl
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma