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Sturz­gasse re­cy­cling cen­tre mas­ter plan

With the Sturzgasse master plan, a concept is currently being implemented that incorporates the modernisation, restructuring and optimisation of the operational site in Sturzgasse covering 11 hectares. The operational site is being developed with an overall investment of 33 million euros to include state-of-the-art standards (technology, safety technology, employee protection, etc.) and aspects such as an increase in customer friendliness, population growth in the Graz municipal region and many more will be taken into account.

Aerial view of the recycling centre in Sturzgasse, Graz
© Holding Graz/Kernasenko

The most important sub-projects:

  • Graz Resource Park: will replace the existing recycling centre; 14,000 m² of operational space, capacity enhancements (prevent traffic jams), user-friendly operational processes (company handling and delivery by customers separate and on two levels).
    – Demolition of “Wirtschaftshof” premises March to May 2021, start of construction of Resource Park June 2021, completion in June 2022
  • Refurbishment investment Urban Space division (street cleaning / winter road clearance, maintenance of green space), parking infrastructure (flying roofs and hall) on an area of 10,600 m² for more than 100 municipal vehicles (lorries, sweepers, washing vehicles, etc.), vehicle bodies, equipment and operating materials.
    – Completion in March 2021
  • New team rooms for all employees at the Sturzgasse site
    – Urban Space, municipal workshop: under construction, completion in March 2021
    – Collection of residual waste: completion in spring 2022
    – Waste treatment: in operation since June 2020
  • New office and storage areas Urban Space division
    – Completion in March 2021
  • A modern energy concept will accompany the construction measures: photovoltaics on the new flying roofs, solar thermal energy for the preparation of hot water in the changing rooms, charging stations for the fleet of e-vehicles.
  • Municipal workshop: The new construction was already completed in the autumn of 2017. There is a workshop extending over a space of more than 3,000 m2 for repairs and maintenance of municipal vehicles.
  • Total budget: EUR 33 million
  • In addition: redesign of Sturzgasse (incl. adaptation Puchstraße, cycle path link Puchsteg – Sturzgasse – Puchstraße to junction) through the city of Graz.