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Free travel by tram through the historic part of the city – our service for visitors to the city centre.

Tram set crosses Jakominiplatz at night
@ Holding Graz/Sommer

Through the city centre with the Altstadtbim (= “historic city tram”)

Daily (also at weekends and on public holidays) from start to end of service travel is free of charge on the tram lines and the replacement bus services of the lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 23.

Free travel is available between the following stations:

  • Lines 1 + 7: between Südtiroler Platz + Kaiser-Josef-Platz
  • Lines 3 + 5: between Schlossbergplatz + Finanzamt or Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Lines 4+ 6: between Südtiroler Platz + Finanzamt or Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Lines 23: between Jakominiplatz + Dietrichsteinplatz


  • The initiative was launched by the city of Graz together with the tourism association and the city management. The aim is to regenerate the inner part of the historic city for Graz residents as well as for tourists and thus make all economic sectors, from food service and shopping to the sights in the historic city, more attractive.

  • It is possible to travel free of charge all week from the start to end of service. Free travel applies solely to the trams and the bus replacement services necessary for them. The scheduled bus lines are excluded from this.

  • Although these buses run in the area in which the tram also runs, the Altstadtbim is a promotion that relates solely to the tram lines. Buses are only free if they are used as bus replacement services for the tram routes.

  • Each stop in the free travel zone has a sticker.

    © Grafik: achtzigzehn
  • As there is no possibility to check in what scope the ticket was used – for instance, a passenger can purchase a ticket at Jakominiplatz and use it outside of the free travel zone – the ticket cannot generally be reimbursed.

  • Yes. Deactivation is not possible because ordinary service must be ensured for passengers who use a route outside of the free ticket zone and have to buy a ticket. In addition, an increased number of passengers at the ticket machines is to be expected as soon as the line is outside of the free travel zone. To avoid any misunderstandings, all ticket machines in the trams and the stationary ticket machines at the central station, Hauptplatz and Jakominiplatz have a sticker on the side that informs passengers about the free travel zone.

  • Tickets are checked more in the trams up to and from the last stop in the free travel zone.

  • In the free travel zone in the historic city, friends, acquaintances and relatives can now travel free of charge. This also applies for dogs for which a ticket would normally have to be bought due to their size.

  • The offer applies for everyone. Also for dogs for which a ticket would normally have to be bought due to their size.

  • Free travel in the entire Zone 101 is currently not feasible for a variety of reasons: In addition to questions as to how public transport is financed, an intensive examination of topics such as safety, vandalism, vehicles and capacity is also required.