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Mod­ern Urban Mo­bil­i­ty MUM 2030+

MUM 2030+ was set up in 2019 and stands for “Modern Urban Mobility”. MUM is a fully-owned subsidiary of Holding Graz with a clear mandate: to examine modern, innovative mobility systems that will make public transport fit for the future, or to have them examined by experts.

@ Unsplash/Markus Spiske

The city of Graz is the fastest-growing Austrian city with a population increase of approx. 5,000 people per year. This development is also being accompanied by an increase in the number of registered cars and the number of journeys made. The area around Graz is also growing to a disproportionate extent and thus the number of journeys beyond the city’s boundaries.

The available traffic area is limited; environmental pollution and traffic jams are increasing. Climate targets cannot be reached.

The tasks of MUM 2030+ are to check the feasibility of urban mobility systems, the conceptual planning of innovative mobility models and the conducting of baseline surveys and interdisciplinary and intermodal studies and analyses. MUM 2030+ examines in particular the technical, legal and financial feasibility of high-performance corridors as a supplement to the existing public transport network and the planning and implementation of these infrastructure projects.