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“My Bonus” re­wards club

We offer holders of the KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz or other season tickets lots of advantages.

Various sports balls lie in a heap
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

Those who have a KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz (or Jugend/Senior/Spezial Graz) can travel through Graz and Styria stress-free and comfortably. And those who have a Berg- und Wassercard from Freizeit Graz can look forward to bathing and mountain fun. For our loyal customers, there are a number of other goodies such as diverse discounts. Holders of long-term tickets are “rewarded” for their loyalty by Holding Graz. The rewards programme of Holding Graz is called “Mein Bonus” (“My Bonus”).

Who can enjoy the rewards?

They apply for the holders of the following tickets:

  • KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz  (also KlimaTicket Steiermark Jugend Graz, KlimaTicket Steiermark Senior Graz, KlimaTicket Steiermark Spezial Graz)
  • Social Card Mobility
  • Freizeit Graz Mountain and Water Card