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Green waste

Gardeners will be delighted at this: you receive green waste bags from us – and we also collect your green waste.

Woman pushes wheelbarrow with leafless branches over meadow
© Holding Graz/Radaelli

Our green waste bags:

You can dispose of small quantities of green waste with additional green waste bags that are available from the Resource Park Graz. You can also buy these bags (in small quantities) from the service points of the city of Graz.


  • We will charge you €3.80 (incl. VAT) per bag.


  • Simply place the filled bag next to your organic waste bin on the day of collection.
  • Please do not put any fallen fruit or soil into the green waste bags!

Our collection of green waste:


We also collect large quantities of green waste from your home in the municipal area of Graz directly by lorry (7 m³ or 700 kg load capacity respectively).


  • For private households at the flat-rate price of EUR 110.00 (incl. VAT). Empty runs will be charged at € 66.00.


  • In order to be able to ensure a smooth collection of your green waste, please take into account the indicated dimensions (vehicle width: 2.5 metres and driveway width: 3.5 metres) of our green waste lorries and ensure appropriate access and sufficiently sized load handling space.

Other important information:

  • Maximum length of cuttings: 3.50 metres
    Smaller rootstocks only
    Maximum fence height: 1.20 metres
    Access road: must be paved (not sloping)

If you require further information, please contact our employees (telephone number: +43 316 887-7272)

Graz waste app

When will rubbish be collected, how should waste be properly separated, what can and cannot be put in the dustbins? These questions are answered by our free-of-charge waste app "Graz waste" - you can also receive news from waste management directly onto your smartphone!