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In­for­ma­tion for builders

The waste disposal situation already needs to be taken into account in the planning phase when constructing buildings and residential blocks.

Rubbish truck of Abfallwirtschaft Graz from the rear, two employees in work clothes stand on running boards.
© Holding Graz/Droneberger

Setting up of waste disposal areas and container stands:

Pursuant to the statutory regulations, waste must be collected and disposed of directly on the property where it is generated. In the PDF below (only in german!), we provide an overview of the most important criteria for the planning of waste disposal areas and container stands.

The specifications are primarily based on the residential units to be constructed and must be taken into account by architects and builders in the planning based on the ÖNORM S 2025 – Places for setting up waste collection containers. The Graz waste regulations also apply.

Delivery of commercial waste:

Commercial enterprises are obliged to connect their properties to the public collection service of Holding Graz Abfallwirtschaft for the collection and disposal of mixed municipal waste.

Info at: [email protected]

Commercial deliveries from commercial enterprises are possible from Monday to Friday between 7.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. at the waste treatment facility at Sturzgasse 8 (near scale 1)

You will find the tariff on our german site!

Info on the dis­pos­al of con­struc­tion rub­ble

Info on mixed con­struc­tion waste

Con­tain­er ser­vice of Servus Ab­fall

Click here to access the information on the homepage of Servus Abfall!