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Drink­ing foun­tains

Irrespective of whether you are doing sport or taking a stroll, or whether you are a tourist or local – Graz Water Management ensures that you can quench your thirst anywhere in Graz!

Boy fills drinking bottle at Graz Water Management drinking fountain
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner

Please note:

Prevention of COVID-19: operate the taps with your elbow, fill the water in drinking bottles!

Popular thirst quencher: from the idea to the product

Runners, cyclists and skaters have increasingly defined the Graz cityscape over the last few years. And as sport makes you thirsty, a drinking fountain has been developed by Holding Graz Water Management department and installed along the most frequently visited running paths and cycling routes. This new drinking fountain is now also proving highly popular at public spaces, in schoolyards, playgrounds and many other spots.

From the idea to the product:

The specification for the new product was to design a visually appealing, virtually maintenance-free and vandalism-proof provider of drinking water. The residents of Graz owe the implementation of this unique idea to an employee at Holding Graz Water Management department.

The technology:

  • Niro pillar (150x150x1600 mm)
  • self-closing valve
  • flow control
  • cushions of air in the interior of the shaped pipe prevent it from getting too warm
  • easy to install
  • virtually maintenance-free
  • safe against acts of vandalism


The safety:

The drinking pillars are installed in Graz slightly off the running paths and cycle routes – this means that there is no risk of injury caused by collisions! Reflective strips and a choice of location in an area lit by street lamps means that they are also easy to see at night!


The price:

 €1,680.00 excl. VAT and exclusive of shipping costs. Our employees will be pleased to advise you.