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In­no­va­tive mo­bil­i­ty sys­tems

We constantly strive to create innovative mobility systems for Graz. With the projects “move2zero” and the (e-)car sharing “tim”, we are making a decisive contribution to the decarbonisation of our air and are providing the opportunity for flexible mobility within our city.

E-bus of Graz Linien at charging station
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

move2zero: decarbonisation of Graz buses

One of the most important areas of responsibility of Holding Graz is public transport. A strategic goal of the group is therefore the environment-oriented retrofitting of mobility: With the lead project “move2zero”, Holding Graz is pursuing an ambitious and innovative funding project for the full decarbonisation of the Graz fleet of buses.

“Public transport has huge potential to make a decisive improvement in the quality of air with emission-free drive systems. It is precisely this potential that we are currently sounding out with “move2zero”. Our goal is at any rate to replace our fleet of buses in the medium term by more climate-friendly alternatives,” says Wolfgang Malik, CEO of Holding Graz.

Further information on this can also be found here.

National funding for investment in decarbonisation

In July 2022, Holding Graz was awarded EBIN funding by the federal government, which thus supports the conversion of bus fleets to emission-free drives. This represents a major step towards the decarbonisation of the Graz Linien bus fleet. Seven battery-electric articulated buses and an expected 10 fuel cell solo buses will be purchased. The buses are scheduled to start operation in the second half of 2024.

With this, Graz Linien will also start the construction of a new operating site especially for alternatively powered buses (emission-free), which will offer space for approx. 90 buses in the future when fully developed. The conversion of the Graz Linien bus fleet is an essential mosaic stone on the path of the city of Graz towards climate neutrality.

The procurement of these buses and the construction of the infrastructure are also part of the research project “move2zero”, in which the optimal technology for the bus fleet is determined and, in parallel, special attention is paid to sustainability in the production, operation and recycling of all components. This project is a beacon for Graz and has already received several awards.

By using the new emission-free buses, passengers and residents also benefit from less environmental pollution and less noise due to the electric drive.

“tim”: e-car sharing in Graz

For some years, Holding Graz has been running one of the leading car sharing services in Austria with the innovative project “tim” (“täglich.intelligent.mobil” [“”]), which has more than 3,800 users. 800,000 kilometres have been travelled with the fleet of e-cars to date.

The central idea behind “tim” is to thus offer residents of Graz the opportunity to be out and about at any time even without their own car, at low cost. Those who, for instance, do not have their own car, but nevertheless need one occasionally – “tim” will accompany them in a simple way through everyday mobile life.

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