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Take a look behind the scenes at Holding Graz – school groups are also welcome!

Luftaufnahme des Ressourcenpark Graz
Foto Ressourcenpark

Where do tours take place?


Experience the different divisions of Holding Graz and get to know the municipal service provider of your city. From a tour of the airport to the treatment of waste in Sturzgasse!

We offer tours in the following areas:

  • Waste management
  • Graz airport
  • Graz Tramway Museum

All the details on this can be found below!

  • Experience a tour through the facilities of Graz Waste Management division.

    PLEASE NOTE: At the current time, tours are only being offered within the framework of the “Graz ist Klasse” programme due to conversion work being carried out!

    The following tours will be offered again after the conversion phase has been completed:

    • Sturzgasse recycling centre
    • Sturzgasse waste treatment facilities

    We ask you to register at least two weeks beforehand. The minimum number of participants is ten; special agreements are possible. For further information, please feel free to contact our employees (in person / by telephone / by e-mail).

    Contact info:

    Holding Graz Waste Management division
    Sturzgasse 16
    8020 Graz
    Tel.: +43 316 887-7272
    [email protected]

    Aerial view of the recycling centre in Sturzgasse, Graz
    © Holding Graz/Kernasenko
  • Would you like to know more and get to know Graz airport from an entirely new perspective? Then take an exclusive look behind the scenes on a tour of the airport!

    Exterior view of the Graz Airport building at night
    © Flughafen Graz/Krug
  • The  “Tramway Museum Graz” association has made it its task to preserve and operate historic trams in order to also pass the history of the tram in the city of Graz on to future generations.

    Vintage tram parked in front of the Tramway Museum Graz in the evening
    © Holding Graz