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Freizeit Graz with ab­so­lute top re­sult

Little girl laughing in front of the children's pool in the outdoor area of the Oyster.
© Holding Graz/Kernasenko

Freizeit Graz is delighted with its second-best result ever. With exactly 1,926,414 visitors, the record year 2019 could only just be beaten.

“This is proof that we are taking the right path for our guests and the city of Graz by providing quality and expanding attractive local recreational offers. The low number of visitors caused by the pandemic seems to have been overcome,” says a delighted Michael Krainer, Managing Director of Leisure.

  • The Schloßberg in particular is booming. With around 1.1 million tickets sold, the Schloßbergbahn and lifts were record-breaking. This corresponds to an increase of 27 % compared to the previous year and an increase of 45 % in a long-term comparison. The excellent gastronomy on the mountain, the Kasemattenbühne with its attractive programme and the Advent market were a hit.
  • 176,000 trips on the Schöckl cable car were counted in the previous year – an increase of 23% compared to 2022 and 2% above the long-term average.
  • With 366,904 visitors to the outdoor pools in summer, the figure was 3.3% higher than in 2022 and a pleasing 13.3% above the long-term average.
  • The overall result (Freizeit Graz, Schöckl, Schloßberg) with almost 2 million visitors is 24% above the previous year.