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2020 An­nu­al Re­port is on­line

1. Bezirk, Innere Stadt,  Oesterreich,  Steiermark,  Europa, Architektur, Betrieb, Buerogebaeude, Gebaeude, Bauwerk, Grazer Stadtwerke AG, Haus, Holzhaus, City, Innenstadt, downtown, Outdoor, Siedlung, Unternehmen, Betrieb, Urbaner Lebensraum, Wirtschaft, .2005, 216118, G2425

All relevant information on the 2020 business year of Holding Graz, lots of interesting information about our daily work and our top projects – all this can be found in our annual report.

The current annual report is now ready – you can browse through it here and also download it.