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FAQ – On-De­mand Shut­tle Graz Air­port

ATTENTION: Due to premature road closures (Koralm railway construction site), operations had to be suspended until further notice.

Gen­er­al in­for­ma­tion about the GRZ Shut­tle

  • The shuttle operation is part of the research project “move2zero”. In addition to the conversion of drive technologies, the project is concerned with expanding the public transport system with demand-oriented offers and thus making public transport more attractive for users.

    • Demand-driven: In contrast to classic scheduled services, the shuttle does not run according to a timetable, but when it is called.
    • Emission-free: Battery-electric vehicles powered by green electricity are used.
    • Innovative: For the first time in public space, the automated charging system is being tested via a charging plate integrated into the floor (Matrix Charging) – charging works wirelessly!
    • Automated: In addition to testing the call and charging system, possibilities for automated applications of on-demand shuttles are being researched.


  • The following stops are served:

    • Graz Airport
    • S-Bahn station (line S5)
    • Regional bus stop (bus line 600/620)
    • Amedia Express Graz Airport-Hotel
  • The shuttle ride is free of charge.

  • The operating hours of the shuttle are from 4.30 – 20.00.

  • The test operation will last from 16 May 2022 to October 2022.

  • After the test run, all findings from the technical implementation as well as the needs and acceptance of users will be evaluated by the project partners and other stakeholders involved. A decision on the possible further development and continuation of the service will be made after this evaluation.

Call­ing the GRZ Shut­tle

  • The shuttle can be called via the page or via the QR codes placed at the stops. Enter your starting and destination stops, the number of people and pieces of luggage and click on “Request shuttle”. After subsequent confirmation of the request, your shuttle will be at the pick-up location in a few minutes.

    Please note that there is no pre-booking option, but the shuttle will be called directly on site if required.


  • No, the shuttle can only be requested with an active internet connection.
    Should the shuttle be on site at a stop, it can be used – if seats are available – without calling via the platform.

  • No, this on-demand shuttle is a call system. This means that the shuttle is called directly on site if required. As soon as your request has been made, the driver starts the journey.

  • The trip cannot be changed afterwards (e.g. number of persons etc.).

    You can cancel your request immediately after booking and make a new one. Please note that the new request will then be re-ranged and the waiting time may be longer.

  • Yes, if the shuttle happens to be at your pick-up location and there is still a seat available in the vehicle, you can ride along.

    If all seats are already booked, let the driver know if you would like to book a ride afterwards.

  • The shuttle can be called for a maximum of 5 persons with one piece of luggage each (without hand luggage). The system shows you the maximum possible number of bookings for persons and pieces of luggage.

  • There is capacity for a maximum of 5 pieces of luggage (excluding hand luggage). The system shows you the maximum possible booking number for persons and pieces of luggage.

    Please note that bulky luggage may not be transported. Your driver will decide whether transport is possible.

  • If the group is larger than 5 persons, not all persons can be transported in one trip. In this case, you can request several trips in a row and the shuttle will transport up to 5 people at a time to the destination.

  • If you have a lot of luggage and the capacity in the vehicle is already exhausted, then you can request an additional ride. Please note that no liability is assumed for the luggage. Unattended luggage or luggage left for the next shuttle cannot be transported.

  • Yes, please request a separate seat for children and babies. Babies can only be transported with a child seat (e.g. Maxi-Cosi) that you have brought yourself. Booster seats for infants are available in the vehicle. Please note that pushchairs must be declared as luggage.

  • Yes, pets can be carried in a transport box that you bring with you. Please note that the transport box must be declared as luggage.

  • No, if you need help loading or unloading your luggage, the driver will be happy to assist you.

  • In order to offer suitable travel options to all customer groups, Holding Graz comprehensively deals with the topic of accessibility ( Holding Graz strives to provide non-discriminatory access to mobility services for all travellers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

    The on-demand shuttle at Graz Airport will be used in test operation for an estimated 6 months as part of the move2zero research project. This first test operation will primarily serve to answer research questions about the on-demand shuttle (new matrix charging technology, autonomous operation of on-demand shuttles, demand and acceptance of on-demand services in public transport, etc.). Due to the vehicle type of the on-demand shuttle, boarding and alighting as well as the transport of passengers with severely limited mobility is not possible without considerable additional effort. If the test operation in the research project is positive and the service becomes part of the regular operation of Holding Graz, Holding Graz will endeavour to offer this service barrier-free.

  • The same corona regulations apply as in public transport.

  • Technical problems with the Ruf website are automatically reported to our service team and rectified as quickly as possible. Try to access the website again a few minutes later.

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