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Schloßberg­bahn: Ex­ten­sive re­vi­sion

Ausfahrt Schloßbergbahn Bergstation mit Wagen und Passagier.

UPDATE from 17.5:

Due to the weather (cold and rainy days in April and May), work had to be postponed. Therefore, the revision works are expected to last until 8 July.



Original message:

Work that cannot be postponed is due on the Schlossbergbahn, which has been popular since 1894. Michael Krainer, Managing Director of Freizeit Gra: “Due to stress and weathering, we have to recoat the surface of the Schlossbergbahn substructure after decades. After removing the old coating, the damaged concrete areas will be repaired with renovation mortar. This is followed by a primer coat on which a multi-layer plastic sealant is applied.”

Due to the local conditions with the existing steep terrain, strict safeguards are necessary during the work and thus a higher work effort. The road rehabilitation will start on 31 January 2022 and is expected to last until mid-June 2022, depending on weather conditions. The Schloßberg lift will be available during the route renovation. Furthermore, a shuttle service will be set up between the Schloßberg lift top station and the Schlossberg restaurant for people with limited mobility.

The Verbund and Graz Linien tickets are valid until the Schloßbergbahn at the Schloßberg lift is back in operation.

Carriage of the Schloßbergbahn leaves the mountain station
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner
Bottom view of a gondola with technician during inspection work on the Schloßberg cable car
@ achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner