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Trav­el card for pupils and ap­pren­tices

ATTENTION: Sale only for the school/apprenticeship year 2023/2024 (valid from 1.9.). These tickets are valid for journeys to and from school or to and from the apprenticeship.
19,60 €

IMPORTANT: The validity stated in the shopping cart (currently 2 months from purchase) refers to the print option in the online shop and not to the validity of the payment confirmation, which is always valid for the school/apprenticeship year 2023/2024!


To ensure that you can get your free student or apprentice ticket without waiting in line, the transport companies of the Verbundlinie will collect the order forms with photo and proof of payment from the school. After processing, the finished tickets are brought to the school.

The amount can be paid conveniently online. Payment can be made in the online shop by credit card or EPS payment. Please attach the PDF printout to the order form and place it in the envelope.

Please enter the name of the pupil or apprentice in the personal data.


You can find more information about the free school trip for pupils and apprentices below.

As a pupil or apprentice in Styria, you get a standard travel card for travel on the network for scheduled services between your place of residence and your school when you submit an application for free travel.

Where does the ticket apply?

between place of residence and school (must be indicated in the application)

How long is the ticket valid for?

Pupils: The ticket fundamentally applies for the entire school year on all working days. In other words, also during Christmas, term, Easter and Whitsun holidays, but not on Sundays and public holiday and in the summer holidays. (By topping up the Top Ticket, you can make your free travel card a network card for all of Styria). The Top Ticket is valid from 1 September until 30 September of the following year on all week days and also in the summer holiday.)

Apprentices: Apprentice travel cards apply during the period of validity printed on them from Monday to Saturday – usually one apprenticeship year. When it is confirmed by the apprenticeship company that travel to the place of apprenticeship is required on Sundays and public holiday, the travel card can also be issued for these days. In the case of pupils in vocational training, the temporal validity can be restricted to individual days.

Who is entitled to free travel?


  • At the start of the school year, they may not be 24 or older
  • Must receive Austrian family allowance
  • Must travel to and from a school under public law by public transport on at least four days/week (exception: pupils in vocational education with attendance on a daily basis of the vocational school).


  • Receive a travel card until the end of the month in which they turn 24.
  • Must receive Austrian family allowance
  • Must travel by public transport on at least three days a week
  • Must be in a recognised apprenticeship relationship
  • or be attending a programme according to the Youth Training Protection Act
  • or a previous apprenticeship according to the Vocational Training Act (BAG)
  • or attend a training pursuant to Section 30 BAG or an educational establishment commissioned by the AMS

What does the ticket cost?


How do you get a ticket for free travel?

  1. First obtain application form (either here as a download or from the school or apprenticeship company)
  2. Complete application and have it confirmed by the school or apprenticeship company
  3. Hand in the confirmed application with a photo to the Mobility and Sales Centre and pay for the deductible or the Top Ticket right away.

Please note: The subsequent payment onto the Top Ticket is only possible with a new application and a school stamp again! (ID will be reissued)